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My Notes 3 OCT 2016 03-10-0016

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The war cloud has a new shape

In war there are no winners and losers. There will be only losers. For instance, India and Pakistan have fought four wars officially declared or undeclared. It has caused many hardships to the economy and people.

1947-48 war made the matters to go to UN. In 1965, Tashkent declaration  and in 1971 Shimla agreement all made for peaceful coexistence of both the neighbours. Liberal secularism, pluralism Will promote  unity, confidence among the different sections of the people. If they get diluted under the narrative of majoritarianism or cultural nationalism it will further worsen the situation and will fuel the hatred.

War mongering need to be fought in India and Pakistan. It does no good for anyone.


OPECs roll of the dice –

OPEC has made a decision to trim the cartels collective output to 7lakh barrels a day. Saudi Arabia also agreed for the same. It realised that it s pump at will approach has hurt its economy more than the shale gas producers in USA. Saudi’s fiscal deficit got widened forcing it to spending cuts.


Simultaneous elections - Breaking  out  of  election  mode

Advantages of simultaneous elections – One nation, one election

Effective  Governance – continuous elections are effecting the developmental process and good governance. It is also forcing the political class to think in terms of immediate political gains rather than focus on long term programmes and policies for the overall progress of the nation. Model code of conduct is impacting the developmental function.

Centre – state coordination – a better Centre state coordination is possible between the governments.

Decreased expenditure – simultaneous elections will put an end to the frequent deployment of police and other government staff on election duty and also reduces the expenditure on exchequer.


Maharashtra - No  short  cuts in  Maharashtra

Context – Marathas in Maharashtra are demanding for reservations under OBC category and repeal of the SC,ST(prevention of atrocities) act, 1989. The reasons include

  1. Relative economic backwardness
  2. Agricultural distress
  3. Perceived Dalit assertion
  4. Vote bank Politics

SC of India has clearly held that economic criteria alone can not be taken as the determinant of backwardness. The spirit of affirmative action has guided the policy of reservations in India.



Nuclear deal with Japan

India and Japan are expected to seal the nuclear deal during annual bilateral summit. Japan is insisting on Nullification clause or cancellation clause in case India conducts the nuclear tests. India needs Japan support as critical nuclear reactor spares are manufactured by the Japan. The two US companies establishing nuclear plants in India GE and westing house are now owned by Japan.


Brexit – UK prime minister Theresa May held that Britain is ready to start the proceedings of exiting From EU as per the article 50 of Vienna treaty.


Climate change – India has ratified the Paris agreement. It is estimated that India’s INDC pledge is estimated a cost of $2.5trillion for its climate action plan. India is also planning to ask Developed nations to provide $100bn per year in climate finance for developing nations at Marrakesh.


Caste system – Raman magasaysay award winner BezwadaWilson has held that inaccessibility of the Judiciary to the marginalised sections is preventing the percolation of Justice to the needy.

Manual scavenging in India is a representation of worst of the practice of caste system in modern days. It is also Gender discrimination as 90% of women in manual scavenging are women.


Question of the day

Reservations in constitution are meant to achieve social Justice rather and not the economic Justice. Do you agree? Discuss with recent examples and Judgements of Supreme Court. 


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