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Crossing an uncertain Rubicon

After the attack on Parliament in 2001, India has made a plan to strike the terror bases in PoK. India has mobilised its army to the borders with an heavy expenditure of $1.2bn. It did not bring in a visible change in Pakistan behaviour of sponsoring terror. If India would have attacked the isolated terror hide outs, Pakistan would have crowded the same with civilians. In this scenario, the attitude of the Pakistan shall be changed and dissuaded from using terror as a state policy through international diplomatic pressure.


The lines that have been crossed.

India has certain gains from the surgical strikes but it did not significantly change its policy of strategic restraint.

The three great myths in this are

  1. Strikes do not show that India has called Pakistan’s nuclear bluff. If carefully observed, there are clear steps taken after the attack not to escalate the matters further. Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are real and they impose strategic limits on what India can do.
  2.  The surgical strikes does not bring  a new era of conventional retaliatory options for India. The present strikes do not be read as an evidence that India has advanced it s cold start options.
  3. The strikes no way suggests that India has abandoned the strategic restraint. India has made it clear that the strikes are against terror launch pads and not against the Pak army. It is a very calibrated action. The strikes are stated to be defensive and pre emptive rather than retaliatory.

On the other side the strikes have sent a message to the Pakistan that phase of doing nothing militarily from the side of India in response to tenor attacks is ending.



MIS – Management information systems are critical for ensuring transparency in program implementation. But the technology and information system can not solve all the problems Perse. Technology architecture need to be built to suit to the program rather than other way round.

IT infrastructure shall be a program enabler rather than a simple administrative tool. In this scenario, MIS in MGNREGA has certain challenges.

  1. Lack of any data dictionary.
  2. Lack of common, clear nomenclature.


Income disclosure scheme – In black and white

Government of India is able to get declarations to the tune of 65,250 crore rupees under Income disclosure scheme. It is the tip of an iceberg, if total value of undisclosed assets are considered in India. The long term solutions for this are

  1. Tightening the loopholes in tax laws that allows for tax avoidance.
  2. Electoral funding shall be made transparent.
  3. Curb the misuse of tax free income sops for farmers.
  4. Encouraging cashless transactions.

Elusive peace in Colombia

Context –In a referendum, people have rejected the peace deal between president Juan Manuel Santos and Guerrillas of the Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia.

Opposition have implied the peace deal as the sale out to the rebels and buying the peace at the cost of Justice. Now the way forward is bringing opposition also to the negotiation table.



Plutonium disposal deal

Russian  President Vladimir  Putin   ordered  a  halt  to  an  agreement  with  the  United  States on plutonium disposal, citing Washington’s  “unfriendly actions”.  The  deal,  signed  in 2000,  was  meant  to  allow both  nuclear  powers  to  dispose  of  weapons-grade plutonium  from  their  defence  programmes,  a  move seen  as  a  key  step  in  the  disarmament  process.

The  suspension is  symbolic of the breakdown in  nuclear  nonproliferation cooperation.


Nobel prize

Japanese researcher Yoshinoriohsumi is awarded Nobel for his pioneering work on auto-hazy. It has implications for understanding  tissue repair, death and degenerative diseases like Parkinson s disease.


Defence deals

The offset clause in defence deals is providing for a new impetus for the growth of defence Industrial complex in India. 50% of offset clause in Rafale deal led to the Joint venture between Reliance infrastructure and Dassault aviation.


Question of the day

The realisation of tax income through Income declaration scheme is a tip of the iceberg. The problem is deep seated. Suggest measures to deal with the same.



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