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RBI Monetary policy review

Highlights – Newly constituted Monetary policy committee announced it s flirt monetary policy. In this, reverse repo rate is decreased by 25 basis points. Inflation targeting of 4% +/-2% is revised and now it is to be achieved by 2021.


Reasons for accommodative stand of monetary policy

  1. Weakening of global demand makes the need to fuel domestic demand.
  2. Retail Inflation is in the limits.
  3. Expected increase in production of food grains

On the other side, implementation of 7th pay commission recommendations, higher MSP for agricultural products can add to the inflation spiral.


Other issues discussed

NPAs of the Banks – it has to be dealt with pragmatism and firmness. But lack of credit can hamper the growth. 61% of the stressed assets of the banks are coming from 5 sectors. Infra, steel, textiles, power and telecom. The challenges of these sectors need to be addressed.

Momentary transmission – As interest rates on small savings have decreased, monetary transmission shall become a monthly affair.


To be truly transparent

Independent Judiciary is critical for functioning of Indian democracy. The reasons include

  1. It shall check the authority of other organs of the govt.
  2. Protect the basic structure of the constitution.
  3. Shall maintain the supremacy of the constitution as the final interpreter of the constitution.

SC of India after second judges case took the appointment of Judges in to its hand and a collegium system has come in to existence. Later parliament has passed National Judicial appointments commission bill and Supreme Court held it as unconstitutional as it can compromise the Judicial Independence.It also observed that appointment process need to be revised and the responsibility for determining the memorandum of procedure is given to the Government. In this, Government has retained a veto on collegial appointments on the grounds of National security. It is not acceptable to Judiciary. In This scenario.

  1. A permanent commission in lines with British Judicial appointments commission is necessary in India.
  2. It shall be Independent from Judiciary and government. 
  3. The criteria for selection of Judges and comparative evaluation of candidates shall be made transparent.
  4. Basic  criteria  to  judge the  competence  of  a  candidate  should  include  integrity,  competence,  judicial  temperament, common sense and sensitivity towards  the  problems  of  the  common  man, among  others.


Nuclear deal with Japan

Already discussed




Not a simple vision thing

The research in science and technology shall be guided by the broad contours of Ethics, social responsibilities and legal aspects. In this scenario. Framework for the same to take forward research is necessary.


Making cities disease free

Focus on sanitation and solid waste management is critical for making cities clean and to fight Communicable diseases. Separation of solid waste at the source, encouraging composting, setting up of bio methanation plants to process vegetable and mixed waste can help in managing the solid waste.




AAdhar – Government of India held that Aadhar is mandatory for availing the LPG benefits.

Cauvery – Supreme Court of India has agreed for appointment of a technical team in the place of Cauvery management board.

Singapore – India and Singapore reviewed the strategic partnership during the visit of the Prime Minister Lee HsienLoong. Prime Minister Lee has condemned the terrorism in all its forms and signed three MoUs. They are

MoUs on cooperation in  the  field  of industrial  property,  cooperation  on  the  establishment  of a North  East  Skills  Centre  in Guwahati,  and  cooperation in  skills  development  between  Singapore’s  Institute of  Technical  Education  and the  National  Skill  Development  Corporation (NSDC).

Indian Prime Minister Modi has highlighted bilateral  coordination  to  ensure  freedom  in  navigation. He said  “As  two  maritime  nations, keeping  sea  lanes  of  communication  open,  and  respecting the  international  legal  order  of  seas  and  oceans,  is  a shared  priority,” 

Quacks dominate rural not health care

The Survey of Journal Health Affairs highlights the following

  1. Only 51% of the health care providers in India have formal medical training.
  2. The average working of Primary health care physician in seeing patients is 2.1hours/day.
  3. Doctors trained in allopathy are more competent than AYUSH doctors.
  4. The  researchers  found that  the  socio-economic status  of  a  village  and  not household  determines  the quality  of  care  people  receive.  Households  with  low socio-economic  status  in  villages  with  high  socioeconomic status were able  to access  more  competent health  care  providers.  But households  with  low  socioeconomic  status  located  in villages  with  low  socioeconomic  status  use  low quality  care.

Syria – USA has suspended the talks with Russia on the account of attacks on civilians in the city of Aleppo in Syria.


Question of the day

Appointment of Judges in India is not in the spirit of good governance. elaborate.



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