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My Notes 06 Oct 2016 06-10-2016

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Cauvery river – Cauvery water disputes tribunal has propose for setting up of a Cauvery management board. The main objective is to allocate the water and to determine their  schedule of release during deficit seasons. As power the Judgement CMB is integral to the Judgement and resolution of dispute.

Centre did not establish the CMB for the political reasons and has cited the art 262 to delay it further. Finally a technical team will visit the Cauvery basins to report on ground realities.


India – Singapore – Singapore Prime Minister Lee HsienLoong interview.

There is a convergence between Singapore and India on the issues of cross border terrorism. On trade, industry  front Mr. Lee has Said complexity of rules, land acquisition are the major challenges to be addressed.

On issue of revising India Singapore tax treaty Mr Lee said that Singapore is very careful  to  make  sure the  investments  into  India  are  legitimate.  There  is  no  ‘round-tripping’  or hot  money  or  bad  money  being  funnelled  through  Singapore.


Chemistry Nobel  - It is awarded to A trio of French, English and Dutch scientists – Jean Pierre sauvage, J Fraser stoddart and Bernard Feringa for their work on Molecular machines also called as Nano machines or nanobots.


Monetary policy – the monetary policy announced reflects that the RBI concerns are shifted from inflation to growth.

Srilanka – Srilankan Prime Minister visiting India stated that SAARC can become irrelevant if it do not address the cross border Terrorism. He also added that Cross-border  terrorism might  worsen  if  SAARC  is thrown  away,” .


Syria – Russia is planning to take an aggressive steps to strengthen the Assad regime in Syria. It believes that, strong govt in Syria will give it a strong bargain vis a vis USA new president. President Putin sees Russia as a strategic asset.



Aadhar – recently the oil ministry has made  Aadhar compulsory for getting LPG subsidy. Data shows that there are 18crore LPG customers in the country and out of this 16.5 Crore are availing LPG subsidy. Aadhar has been seeded with 14.5 Crore people already.


Aviation emissions – ICAO has mooted for the emission caps emanating from aviation industry. India has objected to the same saying aviation industry in India has not matured yet and emission cuts can hamper the growth of the sector. Aviation  is estimated  to  account  for  two per  cent  of  global  greenhouse emissions. But air travel  volumes  are  expected  to double  by  2030.  About  58  out of  the  191  countries  participating  at  the  ICAO  meet have backed  the  pact  so  far.


Bill to protect the HIV community – cabinet has approved the bill to protect the rights of the people I living with HIV in accessing health  care, education, employment etc. India is estimated to have 21 lakh populations living with HIV and 26% of them are getting anti retroviral therapy. The global average is around 41%. The major provisions of the bill are

  1. The  “HIV  and  AIDS  Bill, 2014”  will  bring  legal  accountability  and  establish  a formal  mechanism  to  probe discrimination  complaints against  those  who  discriminate against such people.
  2. Establishments  keeping records of information of PLHIV  have  been  asked  to adopt  data  protection  measures  as  the  Bill  requires  that “no  person  shall  be  compelled  to  disclose  his  HIV status  except  with  his  informed  consent,  and  if  required  by  a  court  order.”
  3. The prohibited grounds for discrimination include denial, termination, discontinuation or  unfair  treatment  with  regard  to  employment,  educational  establishments,  health care  services,  residing  or renting  property,  standing for  public  or  private  office, and provision  of  insurance.


Question of the day

India is the leader in the production of anti retro viral drugs. But, the ART in India stands at 26%. Analyse the reasons. 


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