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My Notes 07 Oct 2016 07-10-2016

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A post American West Asia

Context – it is been criticized the Obama west Asia policy is filled with idealism and critics quote his Cairo university speech where he newbeginning”totheIslamicworld, sought to overcome “years of mistrust” and threw his weight behind the IsraelPalestine peace process.But there is a ruthless realism behind the same. He used direct force when it was less risky, championed diplomacy when no other options were available, resorted to proxy wars when American interests were at stake and continued to defend the aggressions and human rights violations ofU.S.alliesintheregion. It is evident from the following.

  1. He did not intervene directly in Syrian war where the staked for USA are high, but, supported the rebels.
  2. He withdrew the troops from Iraq in spite of prevailing instability.
  3. He concluded Iran Nuclear deal and pushed its nuclear negotiator program backward at least for 10 years.
  4. He is silent on Israel atrocities on Palestine and Saudi bombing of Yemen. He liberally supplied arms to the allies.

Singur verdict

Context – Supreme Court of India has ordered for the return of the land acquired by West Bengal Government for the Tata Nano car factory in singur. It has cited procedural irregularities as a reason for the same.

Underthe1894statutetherewerebroadly twoformsofrecognizedexpropriation:one, acquisition for public purpose for governmental use, and two, forced transfer of land from private individuals to corporations for thelatter’scommercialuse.Inthecaseofacquisitions intended to benefit companies, a special procedure was prescribed in Part VII of the Land Acquisition Act, incorporated additional safeguards. But most of the Government s bypassed these provisions based on the rulings of Supreme Court. It held that even a token contribution by the Government towards the cost of acquisition is sufficient to override the provisions of part VII.

Later the land acquisition, rehabilitation and resettlement act has come in to existence. But many of the states are trying to dilute its provisions to suit their requirements. So, marginalized are bearing the brunt and losing the ownership of the property. The present judgement is a step in the right direction.


Constitutional connection – right to property

In its original form, the Constitution, through Article 19(1)(f), guaranteed to all citizens a freedom, subject to reasonable restrictions in public interest, to acquire, hold and dispose of property. Concomitantly, in Article 31, it also vested in the state an explicit power to expropriate property for a public purpose by paying compensation to the landowner, provided such acquisition was backed by suitable legislation.


NAM – Farewell to NAM

NAM is been criticised as outlived its utility and not significant any more. This argument is based on a wrong understanding of its founding values.

  1. The essence of the Non Alignment  was freedom of Judgement and action. It remains valid if it is one bloc or two.
  2. NAM played an effective role in resisting the expansion of the UNSC worth Just Japan and Germany. NAMisparticularlyimportantinelections at theUN,includingthepossible identification of new permanent members of the Security Council.
  3. There is a consensus on nuclear disarmament.

The decision to say farewell to NAM is very much in keeping with the new transactionalnatureoftheforeignpolicywearedeveloping.


HIV bill –

Statements – these progressive laws can only deliver benefits with well funded public Health system. In India, only 26% of the total HIV patients are getting anti retro viral therapy where the global average is around 41%. The Budgets for National AIDS control organizations are decreasing over a period of time.On the good Side, NACO data shows that there is an overall decline in HIV prevalence among visitors to antenatal clinics. But there are differences among the states and Government must close these gaps.


News –

India – Srilanka

India and Srilanka are expected to close enhanced bilateral economic partnership by the end of this year. It is expected to boost the trade between Srilanka and five southern states.

Sri  Lanka  suggested  the creation  of  a  larger  special zone  of  economic  co-operation  around  the  Bay  of Bengal  to  India,  which  takes on  board  Singapore,  Indonesia  and  Malaysia  in  addition to  BIMSTEC  countries. (BIMSTEC  stands  for  Bay  of Bengal  Initiative  for  Multisectoral Technical and Economic cooperation. It s members are Bangladesh,India,Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan and Nepal.)


Question of the day

NAM -he word ‘non-alignment’ conveyed the wrong notion that it was not aligning with the power blocs and that the be-all and end-all of non-alignmentwastoremainunaligned. In the context of above statement discuss the relevance of NAM today.



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