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Peace Nobel - Colombia’s  Santos wins  Peace  Nobel for  deal  with  FARC

Colombian president Juan Manuel santos won the peace Nobel for his efforts to conclude the peace with revolutionary armed forces of Colombia. It was expected that Mr Santos and Timochenko( leader of FARC) are likely to win peace Nobel jointly. As war crimes are pending against Timochenko, the decision has changed.

Peace deal - The  accord,  signed  on  September  26,  2016, provided  for  the  disbanding  of  FARC  militants  and for  the  rebels  to  join  the  political  process  as  a routine  political  party.  Govt also agreed to the demands of FARC  to  address  inequities  in  Colombia’s  rural areas  through  development  programs  and  land distribution.  FARCagreed  to  dismantle  drug production  facilities  in  areas  in  its  control  which had  helped  finance  the  war  against  the  Colombian government.  This  was  a  landmark  accord  that provided  an  opportunity  not  just  for  peace  but  also for  better  prospects  in  the  war  against  drug production  and  trade  in  Colombia.

Referendum – people of Colombia has rejected the peace deal in a referendum conducted. Inspite of thins both the parties ruled out return to war despite the setback. Opposition leader and former president Alvaro Uribe also ruled out the violence but demanded for the renegotiation of the deal. The awards us a testimonial to the effort done by all the parties.

Gandhiji- Beofre he became Mahatma

Context – removal of Gandhi statue form university of Ghana. Growing literature among the African Scholars that Gandhi did not strive for the liberation of oppression in Africa.

Gandhijis personality has many dimensions and contradictions. His opinions also have clearly changed as he matured. Later he accepted that other is also a part of us. So,

  1. Gandhijis opinions on race and fight against oppression shall not be understood out of context.
  2. Today as India is competing with China for African resources, a resentment is growing against the Indians in Africa.

Nehru has a world view in this context. Nehru  learnt  the  virtue  of  solidarity by  participating  in  the  ‘Congress  of  Oppressed Nationalities’ in Brussels in February 1927.  The  1927  congress  was  the  precursor  of the  Bandung  Conference  in  1955.


Start Ups - Pension funds may fuel start-ups – pension and Insurance funds will be encouraged to invest in start ups said, the secretary of DIPP. As of now, LIC is investing in stock exchanges and in big companies and not in start ups.

Besides,  the  Commerce and  Industry  Ministry  had asked all  the  other  ministries to annually make public their overall  goods  and  services requirements  and  procurement  from  start-ups  as  well.  He asked  start-ups  to  focus  on solving  problems  in  agriculture  and  manufacturing  sectors  and  help  create  employment  in  those  areas  in addition  to  their  focus  on services  sectors.


SC Stays commercial release of GM Mustard - The SupremeCourt stayed the commercial release of Genetically Modified (GM)mustard crop till October 17,and asked the Centre to seek public opinion before releasing the variety for cultivationpurpose.

The issues of federal rights, bio safety, Bio diversity, trade loss concerns are expressed in relation to the genetically engineered crops in the country. GM Mustard is promoted to as a solution to the growing oil import crisis in India. States like Kerala demanding for prior consultation with states before promoting technologies with the potential to impact agriculture and farmers beside food, bio diversity, trade and environment.


Border management - Indo-Pak.  border  will  be sealed  by  2018:  Rajnath

Home mInister Rajnath Singh held that entire stretch of 3,323 km of India and Pakistan border will be completely sealed by December 2018. He also said Government should apply technological solutions for sealing the border in difficult terrains. A border security ground would also be formed.


Question of the day

Gandhi’s views on caste and oppression significantly differs from others on his time period. Analyse.




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