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My Notes 11 OCT 2016 10-11-2016

Dear Students:

Please Follow my notes and my video 11 October 2016


Development cooperation

Statements to remember – India is an emerging leader in development is a key player in G 20, BRICS, BIMSTEC.  India needs an apt infrastructure to reflect this reality.


India has increased its allocations to international developmental cooperation – grants, technical training, capacity building, soft loans. The major destinations of its development assistance are Africa and South Asia.

In this scenario, following suggestions can be considered.

  1. India’s development vision shall be based on sustainable development goals
  2. It s assistance shall be demand driven with relatively less emphasis on aid conditionality.
  3. India shall evaluate the impact of assistance. It needs a major shift in the way development cooperation is conceptualised, managed and evaluated. Aid effectiveness needed to be enhanced.
  4. A special agency need to be established for development cooperation. At present it is coordinated by department of development partnership in ministry of external affairs. So, establishment of India international developmental agency as a separate ministry will be way forward.


Violence against the children – conclusion – letting violence and deprivation rule the lives of the children will ensure a society where savagery is the norm. 13 year old  Aradhana Samdariya death From religious fasting for 68 days is a grim reality of this.


Nutrient Paradox – India has to boost its fertiliser usage efficiency both in the interests of the farmers and long term health of the soil. India needs customised soil products for the same.

Decontrolling of prices – Internationally fertiliser prices are coming down. It is due to increased capacities in China, Saudi Arabia, Africa and North America. It is the right time to decontrol their prices.


Nobel prize in economics – it is been awarded to BengHolmstrom and Oliver hart from MIT and Harvard University. Their major work is on writing contracts to bind together employees and their workers, companies and their customers.


BIMSTEC –  As Srilanka and Bangladesh commitment to regionalism is growing, it indicated that the climate is right for bringing south and south east Asia closer. Prime Minister of Sri Lanka has proposed for trans regional economic integration between the littoral states of Bay of Bengal. He also Called for a tripartite trade liberalisation agreement between Singapore, India and srilanka.

India is also looking forward beyond SAARC after Pakistan has not agreed to Singh the South asian connectivity agreements. BBIN – Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal is one such Initiative.

India has invited the leaders of the BIMSTEC to the outreach segment of BRICS Summit to be held in Goa. If Explored the cooperation between these countries could range from coastal shipping, counter terrorism, development of under water resources.


BIMSTEC – Bay of Bengal initiative for Multi sectoral Technical and Economic cooperation.





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