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My Notes 15 Oct 2016 15-10-2016

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My Notes 15 October2016

Tensions with Pak. overshadow BRICS summit


Recollect the following information from previous articles

  1. New development bank
  2. BIMSTEC and its importance for India
  3. IBSA and BRICS
  4. SAARC and BIMSTEC for India



An update


Focus on India’s interests in BIMSTEC


India aims to take a strong pitch in the support of comprehensive convention on International terrorism. BRICS summit in Brasilia in 2010 made an appeal for an early conclusion of CCIT. Now, India likes to see a more decisive language. The major challenges here are India aims to expose the Pakistan’s sponsor of terrorism. In thIs gaining the support of China may be difficult. Recently Russia also conducted the joint military exercises with Pakistan and it also explicitly made a statement that Pakistan is also a victim of terror. China already expressed that BRICS members do not want to solve bilateral disputes through politicised multilateral platforms.


USA China - Clinton  says  U.S.  could  ‘ring China  with  missile  defence’

USA is expecting the China to control North Korea. It s repeated nuclear tests are causing instability of Korean Peninsula. In support of South Korea, USA has already deployed THAAD missiles. China has expressed concerns on the same.

USA latest concern is the ballistic missiles that North Korea claims, they can hit the Hawaii in USA. In this scenario, China is the only country that has good offices with Kim Jong Un, the Korean leader. China is also a largest trade partner of North Korea.


India and Russia

Defence deals

  1. S 400 Triumf – long range air defence system
  2. Kamal 226T utility helicopters.
  3. Fifth generation fighter jets

India is also expressing concerns on growing Russia and Pakistan defence cooperation.


Prisons – Prisons in India are overcrowded and are the places for unhygienic life. It is compromising the prisoners right to good health and Dignity.They also create the problems of management and discipline. It is estimated that the present average  occupancy rate in India is 117.4%. In Delhi and nine other states it has even crossed 150%.

Another major issue is most of the jail inmates are undertrials(67%). Poverty is the major reasons for their inability to get bail. They are unable to execute the bail bonds. In 2014,  section 436A of CrPC is amended to release the people who has finished half of the maximum jail term for their offences on personal bonds.


Conclusion  – criminal Justice delivery shall be based on the foundations of the reformation. A proper environment shall be created in the jails  for the same.


NCTC – it is an information database form multiple sources and governmental agencies to monitor the actions of suspected individuals. States have opposed for the creation of the same on the grounds of violation of federal principle. Now the present Government is planning to revive the idea in a renewed framework.


China – Bangladesh –Chinese premier Xi Jingping has made a historic visit to Bangladesh. Their relationship is upgraded to a strategic alliance. China is already in partnership with Bangladesh on belt and road initiative. They also agreed for institutional cooperation in areas of maritime issue as and counter terrorism.



Question of the day

IBSA and BRICS are two different platforms and they can co exist.




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