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My Notes 18 Oct 2016 18-10-2016

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Accountability to Judiciary

What are the legal provisions if Governments fail to follow the court orders? How to handle this situation?

Statement – “In  a  Government  of  laws,  existence  of  the  Government  will be  imperilled  if  it  fails  to  observe  the  law  scrupulously…

If govt becomes a law breaker it creates a contempt for law and every man takes law in to his hands. It breeds anarchy.

Recently, govt of Karnataka did not follow the Supreme Court orders. The only weapon the court has is to issue a contempt order. But, Government is an amorphous body of unspecific lie individuals. This situation can be handled if  courts are able to fix personal responsibility for disobedience of court orders.



India – Russia – India is importing/ developing following weapons from Russia.

  1. S 400 air defence systems
  2. Talwar class Stealth frigates
  3. Kamlov 226T utility helicopters.

The deals are to the tune of $10bn. In this Kamov 226T will be manufactured in India. India can also export them to its allies. Among stealth frigates two will be built in India.



SAARC is a regional forum and major objective of its is to develop, create and integrate the region of South Asia. BIMSTEC is majorly for cooperation among the littoral nations Bay of Bengal.

There are many disputes pending between the member countries of BIMSTEC. They are 

  1. Border issues between Myanmar and Thailand
  2. Rohingya issue between Bangladesh and Myanmar
  3. Nepalese refugees in Bhutan
  4. India is the largest economy of the group.



BRICS is a forum of emerging economies which are expected to be growth engines of the world. At the recent BRICS sumit in Goa members agreed to establish

  1. BRICS  Agriculture  Research Platform,
  2.  BRICS Railway Research Network, 
  3. BRICS  Sports  Council, and 
  4. agreed  “to  fast  track  the  setting  up  of  a BRICS  Rating  Agency”  based  on  market-oriented  principles  to  “further bridge  the  gap  in  the  global  financial architecture.”.

India and BRICS summit

  1. Terrorism – India is able to put forward the cross border terrorism and state sponsored terrorism are the greatest Threats of the nation.
  2. BIMSTEC outreach – India gave an important signal that New Delhi is serious about facilitating the economic cooperation in South Asia.
  3. Bilateral ties with Russia – India ordered the deals worth of $10bn from Russia. India is able to signal its unhappiness on Russia s military exercise with Pakistan.

Criticism – BRICS summit was an opportunity for India to show the world its futuristic vision and economic prospects to the world. It is the fastest growing economy among the group. But the focus of summit shifted to the Pakistan’s cross border adventurism.


Uniform civil code

Issues of personal law –


  1. personal laws can be reformed from with in, with out a quantum leap to the common code – WajahatHabibullah
  2. Uniformity does not necessarily mean equality. – Brinda karat
  3. If Political interests drive the religion, conflict and divisions are the ends.

Fact Sheet  – In India Muslim personal law has come in to existence with Muslim personal law(shariat) application act, 1937.

Shah Bano case – In this case Supreme Court held that Muslim women shall receive the maintenance from husband after the divorce, if she is unable to maintain herself. It is in tune with section 125 of the CrPC. But, later under the pressure of clergy, Government of India has enacted Muslim women(protection of rights on Divorce) act in 1986. It shifted the burden of maintenance of divorced women to her relatives after the period of Iddat. The relatives are entitled to inherit her property. In a nutshell, the liability of husband to pay the maintenance is limited to the period of Iddatonly.


Nuclear triad – It refers to the ability to fire a nuclear weapon from air,ground and sea. India needs a second strike capability due to its no first use policy. India achieved the same with induction of INS Arihant in to Indian Navy. INS ARIHANT is Indias first Indigenously built nuclear sub Marine.



India has Put Many of the NGOs under prior permission category. It mean that any funds to be transferred by the organisation need to be verified by the ministry of home affairs. Compassion International has took the matter with US government and India finally remove d the organisation from the prior referral category.


Question of the day

Do you think Uniform civil code can achieve the gender Justice, equality and dignity for women. Argue with examples.





MY Rough work before preparation of Notes – Just for making you know by style of reading,




  1. Contempt of court.
  2. Failure of constitutional machinery and imposition of president rule.
  3.  But Government is not a person. An amorphous body consisting of unspecified individuals. How to handle the same?

The solution lies in fixing the responsibility for compliance on specific officers and individuals in the Government.


Arms deals



BIMSTEC – challenges


$2.5tn economy with 1.5bn people.



What are the strategic ends India tried to meet ?

  1. Bilateral ties with Russia
  2. BRICS-BIMSTEC Outreach
  3. Focus on Terrorism and China s reaction to the same.
  4. Is India is on the direction to achieve diplomatic Isolation of Pakistan?

What are the goals of BRICS?


Issues of personal law

What is a personal law and codified law

What are the origins of India s personal laws
Is Hindu code mean gender equality? Does uniformity brings in Equality?

What is shah Bano case and Government response for the same.



What is prior watch category?

What is FCRA?


Nuclear Triad


Why India needs it?



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