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My Notes 20 Oct 2016 20-10-2016

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A new censorship

Statements - Democracy shall not be a triumph of mobocracy. It shall be governed by the constitutional parameters. In India, the fringe elements and organized groups supported by political parties are curtailing the liberties of the people, constitution and it s guarantees are in danger. Democratic institutions shall stand to this.

Law and order disruption shall not be a threat fringe elements can pose to the state. The primary responsibility of the state is to protect and enforce the constitutional law. If the citizens loose the respect for the same, result will be anarchy.

State banning the movies in the name of hurting sentiments of certain sections of the people or –political parties threatening the screening of the movies on the premise that some foreign actors are casted in the movie can pose limitations on freedoms ensured by the constitution.

Election commission shall take a serious look of this Behavior of the political parties. 


India – UK

What is the day froward for UK after Brexit? –

After Brexit, to take forested the investments UK shall  foster strong Non EU alliances. A supportive immigration policy is necessary for the same.  Immigration is one of the major plank referendum was voted on. Govt can not afford to go against people will. So, it can be said that migration of people to UK is the major impediment for India to deepen trade and Investments with UK. Movement of the temporary workers (Mode4) is still the major challenge. Migration control fund and further restriction on student visas are a reflection of this.


Statement – Supportive immigration policy is critical for the growth of the trade and investment climate between the countries.


With India, Ms. May has promised a fresh approach that will focus on forging links between small and medium-sized enterprises. It is the German approach that is highly successful.


Trade and Investments between the two nations are not very encouraging. India UK free trade agreement is under consideration. Once Brexit is worked out, Norms can be relaxed for the growth of the trade.


Another major issue is the UKs stance on Pakistan – it considers Pakistan as a ally and it made significant sacrifices in opposing terrorism.



GST Rates

  1. Non Merit goods – states demand for No additional cess.


Compulsory voting

Chief election commissioner of India Mr. Nasir Zaidi held that

  1. Across the world there is a declining voter turnout.
  2. In India system of voter education and electoral participation has given credible gains.
  3. Compulsory voting and its comparative benefits are not documented well.


India – China

Border Defence cooperation agreement with China – It was signed between the countries in 2013. The major objective is to exchange the information across the border on matters related to accidental incursions, disasters, Hydrological data Etc.

India and China in the spirit of the agreement have undertaken various military exchanges 

(Hand in Hand exercises ). For the First time the exercises are held in Ladakh region.


BRICS – is it a Sino Russian strategic Grab?

The present BRICS summit is very important for three important reasons

  1. Sino Russian Covergence – falling oil dependent economy, sanctions  of west on Russia made it to move close to China. India on the other hand in its thrust to diversify the Defence imports came close to USA and other western nations.
  2. Rebalancing act with Russia – India tried to give a direction to its Russian policy and ordered for $12 bn worth of weapons from Russia.
  3. BIMSTEC Out reach – it showed the intentions of India to act as a bridge for the prosperity of the region. It is a way out from Pakistan’s obstructionism in SAARC. But, China is the major competition for India in the region.

On post World War II global order, BRICS summit expressed reservations and wanted to have a new direction for the same. On Syria too, they expressed a solution from the Syrian people themselves rather than from the outside influence. 


Capturing Mosul

  1. Sectarian violence in Iraq
  2. Loss of Tikrit, Fallujah and now Mosul. Mosul is a Sunni dominated city in Iraq
  3. Turkey forces on Iraqi soil
  4. Refugees

Sectarian violence in Iraq got worsened during the term of Nouri al Maliki. It is the reason for the growth of the ISIS in Iraq. Mosul is the major city in their occupation today. There is an attack from government forces, Shia militia and Kurds on the ISIS to recapture the Mosul from their occupation. If ISIS loses Mosul, it would be a major loss for it after Tikrit and Fallujah in Iraq.


Closure of Indian mind – An open mind can invite change and can understand a rational narrative. If every action of an individual is evaluated on a binary of nationalism, it reduces the critical thinking. It is not in the spirit of syncretic control of India.

Culture and people to people interactions play a critical role in diplomacy between the nations. India and Pakistan are no exception. It is the reason why Prime Minister Modi appealed for the citizens of Pakistan to correct their leaders. Artists carry the messages across the borders and are good will ambassadors. So, their role in diplomacy and creating positive public opinion can not be under estimated. Present mobilization of political parties against the Pakistan artists is principally wrong and can do greater harm.


Take these terms and make opinions on them

A)     syncretic culture -

B)     Role of Culture in diplomacy




What is cess? Why the centre wants to impose the cess? Reasons why the states are objecting the same?

States have objected to the centre’s proposal of imposing additional cess on demerit goods. It is to meet the raised expenditure to compensate the loss making states on shift to GST.


Sub Marine– India is taking an nuclear powered Akula II class sub marine on lease from Russia.


Coming soon – smarter railway stations – Railways is planning to improvise the railway stations to provide better amenities, easy access and integrated public transport Hubs. The funds from AMRUT and Smart cities Mission are used for the same.


Terms –

  1. Non Merit goods – goods that have negative externalities are demerit/Non Merit goods. Ex – cigarettes.
  2. Syncretic – a composite culture
  3. Cess – it is a tax imposed on a tax for a specific purpose.


Question of the day

Liberty under our constitution is been provided to the individuals but not to the communities. In this Scenario, Discuss the new threats to Indian democracy?






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