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My Notes 18 Nov 2016 18-11-2016
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National litigation policy – 2010

How a policy shall be? What are the pitfalls of national litigation policy 2010?

Note these

Government shall be reluctant litigant


India Nepal relations?

  1. Recent political trajectory in Nepal?
  2. Madhesis demands? Is it possible to concede on the same?
  3. Why anti Indianism is growing in Nepal?
  4. What are the outcomes of president of india visit to Nepal?

Morality of binaries

  1. Role of opposition in a democracy?
  2. Binaries – what does this mean? –
  3. moralisation of politics. Personification of political dialogue and building binaries – what do we mean by these? Do you think they suit a democracy?
  4. Growth of cult culture in india?
  5. What is the impact of the cult culture?
  6. Growth of middle class and growth of cult of PM
  7. Why we did not have a presidential form of govt?

A chance to recalibrate the ties?

  1. What are the mechanisms put in place to report violation of cease fire between he countries.
  2. What is heart of Asia donor conference on Afghanistan.


What is the reason for demonetisation? Can it achieve its objectives


China – market economy status

What is meant by market status to china?

Why India do not want to grant the same to china ?

Why india is not considering the same?




China was admitted in to WTO in 2001. It was for 15 years. expiry of the clause did not require other WTO members to automatically grant China market economy status

China must establish under each WTO member country s domestic law that it is a market economy


For not granting market economy status, New Delhi cites factors such as China’s lack of transparency in minimum wages, property rights, huge government subsidies and loan rates, besides alleged absence of proper business accounting standards/principles in the country. Lack of a ‘free market’ and significant government interference in the market are also concerns.



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