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My Notes 24 NOV 2016 24-11-2016
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The Thin red line

The experiences from 1989 to 2003 show that Armies on both the sides of the border can be in low intensity war for an indefinite period of time. The stakes for Indian side are high compared to Pakistan.

  1. Pakistan is an islamic state where army is the guardian of their ideological  frontiers and not just territory. So, delegitimizing the Pakistan army from the minds of its people can be one option., it can be through occupation of land across Loc .it can soon escalate in to war and go out of control.
  2. The second choice is to give diplomacy a chance.


What Marrakesh achieved

The spirit of Paris was reaffirmed through the Marrakesh proclamation on climate and sustainable development. The major achievement of Paris agreement is the transparency of actions where mutual and collective verification of actions taken by different countries is verified.

Before Paris agreement at a Doha, cancun many promises on finance and technology transfer are made by the west and nothing is been implemented.


Don t Join the debate

Demonetization is a prerogative of executive and the Supreme Court should let it be.



Performance indicatiors for the Judges and transparency to the collegium process is the need of the hour.



Close the war on corruption

  1. Demonetization shall go hand in hand with anti corruption efforts of the Government.
  2. Corruption is increasing among the higher officials on hierarchy. Catch the big fish.
  3. Process shall start with key organizations like tax departments which can cause immense harassment to an honest citizen.
  4. Punishment shall be made certain rather than increasing the certainty of punishment.
  5. State administration need to be reformed in fight against corruption.
  6. Adhocism shall give way for a firm strategy to combat corruption.



Treat contempt with contempt

Scandalization of court lowers its dignity and shakes public confidence in the institution. So, contempt of court can be issued against the individual who does it. But,. There is a conflict of interest. Contempt of court is also made as an exemption to freedom of speech in Indian constitution.

In the west, civil suits are being increasly filed against the individuals instead of contempt of court.In india similar party can be followed.


Where are our legal philosophers

legal  philosopher  performs  three  essential  functions.  First,  he expounds  the  relationship  between  law, justice  and  other  concepts  so  fundamental  to  explain  the  nature  of  human existence in society.  Second,  he  critically examines  existing  legal  philosophies. Third,  he  examines  decisions  of  courts and  legislations  from  the  point  of philosophic  principles.


Rule of law will fail when

a)  the laws  do  not  have  universal  application, with  the  result  that  every  case  gets  decided  on  an  ad  hoc  basis;  (b)  his  subjects remain  ignorant  of  the  rules  he  makes; (c)  his  law-making  is  an  abuse  of  authority  as  he  constantly  keeps  making  retrospective  legislation;  (d)  his  rules  suffer from  lack  of  clarity;  (e)  his  rules  contradict  each  other;  (f)  his  rules  are  subject to  such  frequent  changes  with  the  result that  they  give  little  time  for  subjects  to adjust  their  actions;  (g)  he  fails  to  ensure that  the  rules  as  administered  are  rules that  have  been  enacted.  




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