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My Notes 25 NOV 2016 25-11-2016

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The new abnormal  in  Kashmir

Use of force and curtailment of freedoms of people will increase alienation of the people form the state. If Nationalism gets fuelled in to the same it is a path to violence. 

Armed forces special powers act, public safety act, section 144 of cr p c are all restrictions on civil liberties and instruments of repression.


States refusal to engage is further worsening the situation. It is been clear beyond the point that the current unrest in Kashmir is home grown and it need to be acknowledged. Government shall initiate unconditional talks with all concerned.


Vajpayeesinsaniyat, Kashmiriat, jamhooriat’ is a way forward.


Conformist nature of public opinion in matters related to Kashmir do not help.




  1. India do not have a national asylum policy. All the decisions are taken case on case basis.
  2. India is not a signatory to UN convention on refugees, 1951
  3. Attitude of the communities world wide is generally repulsive to the refugees, India is not an exception.
  4. Fears of demographic change alienates the state Governments form taking a supportive action for the refugees.
  5. Security concerns are also expressed by certain states.

Chakmas in tripura, rohingyas form Myanmar, tibetans, Afghans are the various refugee groups settled in india. They do not have basic amenities, health and education, identity documents for making a livelihood.

Way forward

  1. Social sensitisation remains key
  2. National asylum policy
  3. Registration and documentation of refugees.


Marrakesh mandate

Objective is to frame modalities for implementing the Paris agreement.  These  include  accounting of  the  NDCs,  adaptation  communication,  building  a  transparency framework,  the  global  stocktake  every five years,  and other procedures that facilitate  the  implementation  of  and compliance with  the  Agreement.


  1. pledge  by  the  Climate  Vulnerable Forum,  comprising  48  least  developed countries to get their 100% energy from renewables by 2050.
  2. Sub national Governments called themselves as Under2s,  announced that  they  would  reduce  their  emissions by 80-95  per  cent  below  1990  levels  and limit  their  per  capita  emissions  to  under  2  tonnes  of  carbon  dioxide  by  2050.
  3. 200 companies worldwide committed emission reduction targets.
  4. With  regard  to  the  Warsaw  International  Mechanism for Loss and Damage,  the  framework  for  a  five-year rolling  work  plan  was  approved


USA is the second largest global emitter of GHG and is the largest cumulative accumulator of GHG. President elect Donald trump and his action plan to bring back the thermal power and to move away from Paris climate change agreement are worrisome.


  1. Green climate fund
  2. Kyoto seconds commitment period
  3. Loss and damage


Rohingya - No  country for the Rohingyas


Who are the Rohingya?

The Rohingya are often said to be the world s most persecuted minority. They are an ethnic Muslim group in the majority Buddhist country and make up around one million of the total 50 million population.

They hail from the country s northwest and speak a Bengali dialect. Almost all live in Rakhine, one of the poorest states, with a population of three million.

About 140,000 Rohingya in the Rakhine state live in ghetto-like camps that they can t leave without government permission.



They are not regarded as one of the country s 135 official ethnic groups and are denied citizenship under Myanmar s 1982 Citizenship Law, which effectively renders them stateless.

To get citizenship, they need to prove they have lived in Myanmar for 60 years, but paperwork is often unavailable or denied to them. As a result, their rights to study, work, travel, marry, practise their religion and access health services are restricted.


Myanmar s government views the estimated 1.3 million Rohingya - living in dire, segregated conditions in western Rakhine state - not as citizens, but as illegal migrants from Bangladesh encroaching on scarce land. For that reason, they say the Rohingya ethnicity does not exist.


Indian Express


Europe demonetisation effort is very much different from Indian exercise. 500 euro note is demonetised over span of 2 years and it can be exchanged in banks for ever. On other side Indian demonetisation effort is sudden with limitations on with drawl and deadlines on the time available for exchange of notes.


Sharia banking

Fundamental principle of sharia banking is rejection of any interest payments or receivables from money. Added to this, money shall not be used for immoral activities.


NeHA – national E health Authority. – it will oversee the digitisation of health information and it could launch a digital health revolution in India. But safeguards need to be put in place to protect patients privacy.




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