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My Notes 26 Nov 2016 26-11-2016

Dear Students:

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 26 November 2016

Dear Students:

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 26-November-2016

It’s a permanent revolution

Demonetisation has irreversibly changed the citizen – state interaction. State has strategic regulating the every aspect of citizen life by imposing new restrictions on how Answer how much one shall use his/her money. By every standard in a liberal democracy it is a monumental change and a permanent revolution. Today, every citizen is a black money hoarder unless proven otherwise. It is criminalisation of entire society and a nation in the elimination of criminals and anti nationals.

The very revolution has started by declaring the people as virtuous and it has ended up enlarging the power of the state.


The constitution test

Dr Ambedkar has stressed on Constitutional morality. It mandates respect for constitution, adoption of constitutional methods for grievance redress and articulation of criticism and to censure the government of the day. Adherence to casteism, majoritarianism, new liberal economic policies goes against to this prescribed constitutional morality.


House truths

In a democracy, institutions of the Nations shall be given due respect. They have to guide interactions between Government and opposition, people. Stone walling parliament and calling critics as corrupt questions Government openness to debate.


Now where people – discussed already.


Police reform – Prakash singh


  1. SMART police of Prime Minister Modi is still a distant dream. – Strict, sensitive, modern and mobile, alert and accountable, reliable and responsible, tech savvy and trained.
  2. Bring police as a subject under concurrent list or atleast certain type of crimes need to be declared as federal crimes to be investigated by central agencies
  3. Separation of law and order from crime investigation.
  4. Welfare of the police personnel
  5. Recruitment and raising police to people ratio
  6. Focus and Emphasis on cyber crime, Maoism

USA national doctrine clearly states good internal security is essential to sustain the momentum of economic progress and provides the foundation for success and prestige in external relations. We need to acknowledge and reform our police system.


Nuclear doctrine – when ministers think aloud

Words to understand

  1. Full spectrum Deterrence
  2. Cold start doctrine
  3. No first use policy
  4. Survivability

Anuclear doctrine serves multiple uses —it determines the nuclear posture, providesguidance for deployment and targeting,chain of command and control, commu-nication and signalling to adversary and, inthe ultimate, the use of nuclear weapons.

India s nuclear doctrine

a)      building and maintainingacredible minimum deterrent; b) posture of‘No First Use’, nuclear weapons will only beused in retaliation against a nuclear attack onIndian territory or on Indian forces any-where; c) nuclear retaliation to a first strikewill be massive and designed to inflict unac-ceptable damage; d) non-use of nuclearweapons against non-nuclear weapon states;

b)      No first use policy shall be backed by our defence establishment survivability to attack and capability to retaliate. It is technologically intensive to create a nuclear triad.

c)      If India moves away from nuclear doctrine – 1) cost of nuclear detterence increases 2) incentive for pre emptive strike increases on both sides. 3) first strike is not a guarantee against destruction of retaliatory capacity of the enemy.


Appointing a lokpal

Efforts to clean the economy shall also need to be matched by equally strong measures to cleanse public life too. Lokpal as an institution is been not created till date inspite of parliament passing the law in 2013. 


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