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My Notes 30 NOV 2016 30-11-2016

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Dashed expectations

Inspite of rise in bank deposits, banks will not be in a Position to decrease deposit rates for the following reasons.

  1. NPA s of Indian banking sector are too high
  2. Lack of capital
  3. Decrease in interest rates in india can lead to flight of capital from debt securities.
  4. There is already an increasing trend of selling Indian debt after demonetization
  5. Donald Trump stated economic goals are expected to rise fiscal deficit and interest rates in USA.

Options before RBI are to

  1. To Rise cash reserve ratio
  2. To Issue market stabilization bonds
  3. Issue govt securities under Liquid adjustment facility

So, interest rates are expected to remain same in the short run, but in the long run, they are expected to come down.


Finally, a step towards change

Nepal Government has introduced amendments to constitution consisting of

  1. Federal redrawing of boundaries
  2. Substantial recognition of rights of naturalized citizens
  3. Proportional representation in upper house

It need to be passed with 2/3 majority in Nepal parliament. CPN(UML) is non supportive.

A Federal polity will empower marginalized communities and will bring in peace.



Major challenhes in Mosul

Mosul is a sunni dominated city. The fight against ISIS is led by the Iraqi army, shia militias, Kurdish forces.

The success of the fight depends on to what extent Government led forces gains the support of people living in Mosul and to what extent these forces fight collectively.

Higher civilian casualties will reduce the public confidence in Government and it can be exploited by ISIS for its advantage to fuel sectarian conflict.


Indian express

Marrakesh – what it achieved?

Marrakesh summit agenda is to work on framing rules and procedures that would guide the implementation of Paris  agreement. They are

  1. International solar alliance – It is spearheaded by India. The objective is to bring all the countries in sun rich tropic to boost demand for solar energy deployment, to ensure standardization in the use of equipment and processes. To promoter research and development in solar technologies. 26 countries have joined it.
  2. Adaptation of African Agriculture –it seeks climate proof agriculture in Africa through soil, water management and risk mitigation strategies.
  3. Mission innovation – it is spearheaded by USA. It aims to promote research and development in clean energy technologies. Total 23 countries have joined in it pledging $30bn. It has 7 innovation areas – smart grids, bio fuels, carbon capture and sequestration, building storage cells for energy, clean energy storage materials.

Climate vulnerable forum

These are the countries that are worst effected form climate change. The group size has increased to 48 at Marrakesh. They owed to update climate action plans by 2020 to prepare a long term low carbon  development  strategy for 2050.


2050 pathway platform

This is an effort to bring countries , cities and business to accept long term targets for climate action. USA saiid that it will cut emissions by 80% on 2005 levels by 2050. Germany agreed for 95% on 1990 levels by 2050.


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