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Writing a new Pakistan playbook

Every Institution of a state has to prove its relevance/rationale  for its existence. Pakistans military existence lies in its anti indianism.


India- Pakistan hyphenation was the dominant world view that needs to be changed. Inspite of repeated efforts from India, submission of proofs on terror infrastructure in Pakistan, global community did not respond favorably. It is fixed in a frame work of their own self interest. In this process, victim and perpetrator of terror are not being differentiated.


Rising influence of radical extremist ideas and ideologies in Pakistan, using terror as a strategic instrument by the state, strangle hold of military on its democratic  politics, Pakistans support for ongoing unrest in kashmir  need to be the points of consideration in our policy towards Pakistan.


More give and Take

India has followed for many years balancing diplomatic moves with an occasionally retaliatory steps. It produces no real results on ground.Pakistan is been consistent in extracting benefits of diplomatic engagement and Indian magnanimity was always misused.


Indias missing girl children – sex ratio

Indias record is getting worsened with regard to protection of girl children. Sex ratio at birth has fallen from 898 to 887 in an year. The major reasons include

  1. Socio cultural mindset
  2. Lack of strict implementation of sex selective abortion
  3. Lack of education opportunities

The worse is states such as a Tamil Nadu which have strong social development are also slipping on sex ratio at birth.

Enforcement of the law thatprohibits determination of the sex of the fetusmust go hand in hand with massive social investments to protect both immediate and long-termprospects of girls — in the form of cash incentives through registration of births, a continuum of health care, early educational opportunities and social protection.


National anthem in cinema halls

SC of india held that

  1. National anthem shall be played before every movie show in cinema halls.
  2. Movie goers shall stand up as a matter of respect.
  3. Doors need to be closed while anthem is played.

According to it, it is to instill a feeling of nationalism and patriotism.

Art 51A of the constitutions says that it is the duty of  every citizen to abide by the constitution and respect its ideals and institutions, the national flag and the national anthem.


Previous judgements of SC on National anthem

In august 1986, SC in Bijoe Emmanuel & others vs state of Kerala &others held that there is no provision of law that obliges anyone to  sing the national anthem. It upheld the freedom of religion and concluded our tradition, philosophy, constitution on teaches tolerance.



  1. Agriculture spurs the GDP growth in the second quarter.
  2. According to ESCAP report, Trade costs of India still remain high.


Question of the day

India need a consistent policy toward Pakistan. It needs to avoid any step that leads to hyphenation between the nations. Express your opinions in the light of recent developments.



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