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My Notes 02 DEC 2016 02-12-2016

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Please Follow My Notes and My Video 02 December 2016

Patriotism by Diktat

Patriotism is an inner sense of respect that need not be demonstrated publicly. Judicial promotion of the same may not be in tune with the motives of a mature democracy. Already a law National honors act exists that mandates respect for National anthem and symbols.


HIV – self test option

WHO has released guidelines on HIV self testing (Ora Quick HIV) It helps for early diagnosis of the disease and prompt treatment.But the challenges include

  1. Integrating counseling with testing – In USA telephonic counseling is followed.
  2. Test is not confirmatory. It can give false Negatives. Accuracy of the test is only 93%.

Contours of a challenge

  1. In a democracy, Institutions function  in a strong belief of each others expertise. Judicial activism goes against to this.
  2. Justice requires notonly an adherence to procedural integrity,where democratic institutions collectivelydetermine social and economic policy, but,even more significantly, it also requires thatany policy takes into account the potentialinjustices that might accrue out of its enforcement.
  3. Separation of powers exist in a constitution to protect the rights of the citizens and to prevent concentration of power in the hands of few. If we go by the logic, any action of the Government causing grave humanitarian costs can be brought under Judicial review.
  4. In the process of monetization, section 26(2) of RBI act, 1934 is stated. It expressly states: “Onrecommendation of the Central Board theCentral Government may, by notification inthe Gazette of India, declare that… anyseries of bank notes of any denominationshall cease to be legal tender save at such office or agency of the Bank and to such extentas may be specified in the notification.”


Democracy, direct to Home

  1. In Indian history, populistic leaders directly appealed to the people regarding their actions, rather than getting it deliberated and approved through the democratic institutions.
  2. Representative democracy involves complicated procedural and institutional aspects to democracy and populist leaders are impatient with the same. They have an easy temptation to bypass the Same by appealing directly to the people.
  3. Democracy is about protecting the rights of all people. Majority and Minority. It also involves the protection of minority from the tyranny of the Majority. Direct appeal to the people imposes the tyranny of the majority. So, in complex societies direct democracy simply do not work.
  4. Direct democracy, referendums reduces the democratic debate to Binaries of Yes or no. The opportunity to find a golden mean is reduced.
  5. So, collective responsibility, parliamentary democracy are the checks against the populistic, personality cult of the leaders in politics.




The message from Amritsar

Heart of Asia conference is about to be held in Amritsar in India. It was initiated at Istanbul conference in 2011. The Major objectives of this is to find a regional solutions for a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan. There are 14 countries participating in this including Pakistan.

The conference is coming at a time when dialogue between india and Pakistan is stalled and tensions are high. In this scenario, following observations can be made.

  1. Afghanistan is also a victim of terrorism and fast losing control over many provinces to the Taliban. It is expecting a strong action against Taliban by Pakistan.
  2. China made it clear that it wants to have deeper ties with Afghanistan. It sees security in Afghanistanas a key to stability in its Xinjiang province.


U.S. for closer defence ties with India

National defence authorization act that recognize India as a major defence partner of the USA is expected to be passed in the congress in the next week. It helps India to get access to better, high quality, faster technology on defence side.


Question of the day

In a complex society such as India, representative democracy  suits better than direct democracy. Analyze with reasons. 



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