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My Notes 06 DEC 2016 06-12-2016

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Do we need a parliament ?

Indian parliamentary form of Government is a reflection of its diversity. Prime Minister modi distinct preference for communicating the nation directly rather than communicating through parliament is undermining it as a democratic institution and legislative oversight.



Democracy, direct to Home

  1. In Indian history, populistic leaders directly appealed to the people regarding their actions, rather than getting it deliberated and approved through the democratic institutions. In this address the speech is unidirectional and no questions are being asked.
  2. Representative democracy involves complicated procedural and institutional aspects to democracy and populist leaders are impatient with the same. They have an easy temptation to bypass the Same by appealing directly to the people.
  3. Democracy is about protecting the rights of all people. Majority and Minority. It also involves the protection of minority from the tyranny of the Majority. Direct appeal to the people imposes the tyranny of the majority. So, in complex societies direct democracy simply do not work.
  4. Direct democracy, referendums reduces the democratic debate to Binaries of Yes or no. The opportunity to find a golden mean is reduced.
  5. So, collective responsibility, parliamentary democracy are the checks against the populistic, personality cult of the leaders in politics.


Reconnecting Benguluru and Delhi

State shall be the patron of science and technology. In the long run, it always gave dividends to the nation. It is proven in the establishment of Bengaluru as a destination for technology today. Rulers of Mysuru and their progressive opinions to technology have made it possible.

So, india need a strong Public and private partnership to promote technological innovation and to bring in strong social and economic regulation.


The Hindu – Editorial

Heart of Asia conference - The heart of the problem

Afghanistan is at the heart of Asia and is central to ancient trading routes. It is also at the junction of east, central and south Asia. So, stability in Afghanistan is crucial for asian prosperity. It is rightly said by the president Ghani at heart of Asia conference. progress  and development  in  Afghanistan  are  meaningless  and unsustainable  without  peace.

India and Afghanistan are equal victims in Pakistan sponsored terrorism. Afghanistan and India have openly criticized the role of Pakistan and its export of Terror at Heart of Asia conference.

At the same time, the countries shall have a future course of action in place before disengaging completely with Pakistan.


Reimagining  the  liberal  project

Liberal progressives are closely loosing the ground in global politics. Rise in rights wing leadership in USA and other countries in Europe is a reflection of this. The major reasons for the same are

  1. Growing distance between common people and liberal elites. – liberals with their Ivory tower approach did not adequately represented poor and downtrodden. No political ideologies can survive if they cant make a difference to the lives of the people.
  2. Neo liberal economic agenda
  3. Inability to address the identity concerns and anxieties grown with globalization and immigration.
  4. Intellectual arrogance – it has failed them to  engage all sections of society and divergent political and Moral ideas.



Lessons form Cuba - Lessons  from  an  intimate  enemy

USA is a preacher of civil and political rights and on the other side, Castros Cuba is a living example for socio economic rights of Cuba. Health, education, housing, food are made as universal rights in Cuba.  Civil and political rights will become meaning less with out substantive rights.


To No where people

International law – UN convention on Refugees recognizes refugees from political retribution. As climate change phenomenon is growing a new class of refugees called environmental refugees are growing and a sufficient effort need to be made to recognize the same under international law.



  1. Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha passes away.
  2. India and Vietnam defence ties are deepening. India agreed to train Vietnam sukhoi fighter pilots.


Question of the day

Analyze the reasons for the growth of right wing politics across the North America and Europe. Do you see it as an end of liberalism.



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