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Guardians of federalism

Political parties in Tamil Nadu have a shared legacy to protect federalism. In the era of centralization in politics, Tamilnadustood for the protection of states rights. Jayalalitha as chief minister questioned the impactof the introduction of the Goods and ServicesTax on the taxation and fiscal powers of theStates and the composition of the GST Council. She has voiced similar opposition to theNational Counter Terrorism Centre, and hadreservations about implementing the National Food Security Act and joining UDAYor the Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojna inthe power sector.

Absence of her leadership in the state politics can make administration amenable for central pressure. At the same time, an era of bitter hostility between political parties can be needed with change in leadership. It can usher in a new culture of  cooperation between Dravidian parties.


Centralization in Indian politics

  1. Common political economy with common market and common taxation.
  2. The character of upper house as representative of state interests is changing.
  3. States are under great pressure to hold centre narrative.



Centralization of politics in India shall be understood from changing dynamics of politics in india


The RBIs Big surprise

After demonetization, it is expected that monetary policy easing will follow and interest rates will come down. RBI in a surprise move kept the interest rates unchanged. The major reasons for the decision are more international than National.

  1. Global commodity prices are slowly rising
  2. US Fed is about to rise interest rates and it can cause flight of capital.

Forecast of growth also decreased to 7.1% as economy activity got slowdown after demonetization.


Cho Ramaswamy – wit and analyst

He is an editor of Tuglaq and known Journalist, play right, political analyst. He was a committed Nationalist, right centrist, form believer in central Government. He passed away in chennai.



Demonetization is for the long run

Rule based capitalism and clean govt are essential for new, emerging India. Demonetization is an effort in this direction. LPG era has another side to it. That is the growth of crony capitalism. It can be explained as gaining favorable benefits from Government by being close to it. It is invariably connected with corruption.

Free  markets  and  capitalism  will  get  mass  public support  if  everyone  is  on  a  level  playing field  and  when  the  rich/well  off  pay their  taxes  which  can  then  be  used  to  invest  in  those  left  behind  so  that  they  too have an  opportunity  to  rise. If not it is seen as favoring rich at the coast of poor.

Adde to that, a new of entrepreneur ship is rising in India. It can be called as personal sector. Start up India and stand up India are steps in this direction. It can only get a fillip, if rules based capitalism exists in the country. Technology can come in handy to usher in an era of transparency in Government and business interaction.


The continental shift

Voters in Europe are showing they are unpredictable and can not be taken for granted by the parties or movements of any persuasion. Austrian election in which Pro European candidate  mr. Alexander Van dear Belen has shown the lead.on the other side, referendum in Italy is lost by the pro European Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.


Three years after the Kaushal Judgement.

Three years back on this day, SC of India in kaushalvs NazFoundaiton case upheld the section 377 of IPC that prohibits any unnatural sex. In a nut shell, it criminalizes sexual relationships between LGBTs.



House of lords divided on brexit role

Unwritten constitution and Parliamentary sovereignty exists in Britain. Parliament is the Guardian of the nation and itsrole is to be a check and balance on the executive. In this the power of the upper house is in the expertise of its advice. It is coming in to question now with Brexit referendum. Now the challenge is to uphold the parliamentary sovereignty and at the same time giving credence to Public vote.


  1. ISRO launched a 1,235-kg remote-sensing satellite, RESOURCESAT-2A, from Sriharikotaon Wednesday. The satellite will be mainly used for agricultural applications.
  2. CBI director shall be appointed by a panel of the Prime Minister,the Leader of the single largest party in the LokSabha (in case there is noLeader of Opposition) and the Chief Justice of India or aSupreme Court judge. Congress alleges that said procedure was not followed in appointment of Mr.Asthana.


Question of the day

  1. Discuss the changing landscape of politics in india. Analyse it in the context of centre state relations in india. Are we in the line for another wave of central shift in our federal politics.



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