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My Notes 09 DEC 2016 09-12-2016

Dear Students:

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Editorial - Making of a mammoth tragedy (discussed in detail in previous articles)

  1. What are the objectives of demonetisation?
  2. What are the premises the demonetisation is based on?
  3. Why demonetisation is not a right means to achieve the stated objectives? (Stock and flow of money, confidence of people in Government, consumer demand, logistical challenges.)

A Reform at risk – GST

What are the three risks to take forward GST?

  1. Administrative control over tax payers
  2. Loss of revenue to states after demonetisation
  3. Compensation for loss of revenue.

What is anti profiteering authority? Why is it needed?


Europe walks a tightrope

  1. What are the recent developments in Austria and Italy?
  2. What are the reasons for the fading of liberal progressive views in Europe and elsewhere?
  3. Is globalization receding back?


Accounting for natural capital

View – Bio diversity integration in to developmental plans is crucial for sustainable development.

  • Bio diversity has an economic value.
  • Bio diversity creates a protective safety net for weak and marginalized.
  • India is one of the 17 mega diverse countries. Developmental activities are depleting bio diversity. Mainstreaming of inclusion reduces negative impacts of bio diversity.
  • Fair and equitable sharing of the benefits from use of biodiversity resources will mobilize local communities in protection of bio diversity.


Tamil nadu after Jayalalitha

  1. What is the role played by Tamil leadership in identity issues?
  2. Do you think National parties are placed in a disadvantageous position on identity issues?
  3. Are the regional parties best suited for development?
  4. How National parties can keep up their relevance?

(national priorities need to be stitched to local imperatives, social engineering, democratic leadership, developmental agenda)

Indian express

Editorial – going digital

  1. Electronics payments shall be easy to adopt
  2. Digital payments need to be encouraged through incentives and not through deprivation of choices.
  3. If Government has to push for cashless economy, it has to focus on competition and innovation.

Question of the day

  1. 1.      Do you think Bio diversity integration in to developmental plans is crucial for sustainable development. Discuss with examples




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