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My Notes 14 Dec 2016 14-12-2016

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The Hindu – Editorial

Why ‘cashless’  may  be  the  new  normal

  1. What demonetisation can achieve for economy?
  2. How the global capital and state gets benefitted fro digital economy?
  3. What can be other side of this argument?


Through a storm, safely

  1. Why cyclones are more on east coast than west coast?
  2. What the frequency of cyclones have increased recently?
  3. How social Media can be used in improving disaster management?
  4. How can we make our cities disaster resistant?


Free flow of wheat

  1. What are the reasons for the Government to lower the import duty on the wheat?
  2. What can be its impact on farmers?
  3. What are the reasons for the difference in global wheat prices and prices in india.
  4. What India has to do to increase the yield.


Transitioning  to  Trump’s  America

  1. What can be the impact of TRUMP presidency on Indo American relations?
  2. Deepening of USA and CHINA mistrust can it any way effect India Interests?
  3. Can business leaders be allowed to be part of Government? Is that not bring in conflict of interest.


More than a BIT of protectionism

  1. What is BIT
  2. What is state investor conflict?
  3. Why India is moving out of BIT?
  4. What is INDIAs Model BIT talks about?


The outcomes of a cashless economy are

  1. Sharp rise in indirect taxes
  2. Money of working class and informal sector will enter in to the banking sector and it will strengthen banking sector and global finance. So, at one level it is securing the supremacy of state and finance nexus.


Through a storm, safely

Storms have become a routine exercise on Indias east coast. Climate change is cited as a major reason. Wardha cyclone has caused a serious damage to chennai. Most of the metropolitan cities in India are coasts so cities, making them disaster resistant and mitigation of effects of disasters on the communities is the need of the hour.

Chennai people have effectively used social media to communicate and coordinate during cyclone relief.

A continuous learning is always necessary to fight the necessary. It  is vital,  therefore,  that  the  learnings  from  each  event are  shared  nationally,  and  the  capacity  of  officials and  communities  to  manage  disasters  built  continuously.  Such  an  approach  helps  coastal  regions in  the  United  States  prepare  for  and  deal  with storms  better. 


Free flow of wheat

Government of India decided to waive off import duty on wheat. It is taken in the light of concerns of low production of wheat this year from warmer weather forecasts in North india. Added this record production at the global level decreased global prices of wheat significantly. So, removal of import duties can benefit traders with low cost grain. At the same time, it may push farmers in to distress sale.


More than a BIT of protectionism

Bilateral investment treaties are the agreements between sovereign nations to protect investment flows moving between the countries. It provides necessary confidence to the investors to invest. If state fails to protect the same, investor can get relief from arbitration tribunal.

India has lost series of cases at arbitration tribunals and it is moving back on BITs and it did not go well with investor countries. As Indian companies are also investigating abroad now, it is also making their investments more risky. At the same time, India may loose foreign investments.

As per the model BIT proposed by India, an Investor has to exhaust all his remedies in Indian courts to take a redressal from international mechanisms. Taken overstretched Indian Judiciary in to consideration it may appear difficult to instil confidence in investors.


Question of the day

  1. What are bilateral investment treaties? Discuss their role in FDI? Throw a light on recent controversy surrounding on it?




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