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My Notes 17 DEC 2016 17-12-2016

Dear Students:

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 17-DEC-2016

Questions to think

  1. How education can influence democracy?
  2. What are the Progressive views on education?
  3. How Neo liberal agenda has impacted education in USA?
  4. Do you think are the goals of universal, inclusive education re relevant for India.

Decoding fed signals?

  1. What can be the impact of US fed interest hike on

A)     Indias  monetary policy

B)     Exports and Imports

C)     Trade deficit


Mapping the American Mind

Education makes a contribution to the efficiency of democracy.

Progressive liberal view – John Dewey – Democracy and Education.

1)      communication across groups is a core challenge for democratic order.John Dewey called this interactive relations between diverse social groups as end osmosis.

2)      Commonality of educational experience will enable individuals to practice freedom while contributing to collective efficiency.

3)      Quality of education is a measure of the extent to which social goals are debated and grasped by different social groups.

4)      Democracy could be sustained as a system of governance only if it also becomes a way of life.

So, progressive thinkers  believed to have a common education that brings in commonality of experience and intermixing of Groups and nurtures a democratic way of life.

Progressive  pedagogues  wanted  greater  child-centredness, inclusive  classrooms,  and  academically  rigorous  training  courses  for  teachers.


Neo liberal view of education –

material goals are seen as the ends of education. They preach for  frequent  testing,  nominal  training  for  teachers and  exclusive  schools  for  those  who  could pay.  Ultimately privatization of education and limiting access based on ability to pay is suggested. It creates divides, different world views and malnourished minds. These people try to take their support from social Darwinism.


Present election of Trump in USA reflects the degeneration of inclusive education in USA.


Decoding the Fed signals

USA Fed is looking for Normalization of Monetary policy. It is expected that interest rates may go up by 1.4% by the end of 2017. Revival of employment and increasing personal consumption may drive the USA economy on growth path.

But for India, rupee will get weakened against dollar and it will increase costs of imports and there by widening of trade deficit. Another challenge is the flight of the capital.


Parliament passes disabilities bill passed by Lok Sabha.

1)      It gives effect to UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.

2)      It provides for imprisonment of at least six monthsup to two years, along with fine ranging between Rs.10,000 and Rs. 5 lakh for discriminating against differently-abled persons.

3)      scheme of a universal-identity card for the dis-abled is on the anvil.

4)      In the bill, disability has been defined based on an evolving and dynamicconcept and the types of dis-abilities have been increasedfrom existing seven to 21.


Question of the day

  1. If democratically has to be a system of governance, first it shall be a way of life. Discuss the role of education in nurturing the same.










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