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My Notes 19 Dec 2016 19-12-2016

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The unmaking of Parliament

  1. What are the central tenets of parliamentary democracy?
  2. What are the advantages a political representative possess over and above civil society?
  3. What are the reasons for the weakening of representative democracy?

Bridging thelearning deficit

  1. Identify the reasons for poor learning outcomes in india?
  2. What do you understand by teaching at the right level, activity based learning?


The UPA’s  real  growth  story

  1. What is the meaning of a Jobless growth?
  2. Can asset bubble can appear as economic growth?


The Hindu

Statements to remember

  1. Politics is too important an activity to be left to professional politicians.
  2. Political experience can only be acquired by an active participation in political institutions.
  3. Citizen is the primary unit of a political society. A representative has to represent the will of citizens and deliberate in the house for their good. . In theory, citizens have command over who they want tobe represented by, and what issues repres-entatives, normally members of political parties, should represent.
  4. Parliamentary process shall establish a framework for transactions for all manners of projects in society.
  5. Deliberation,by way of representation of different pointsof view, is an indispensable component ofhow we, as a collective, should live.– Plato in Republic
  6. There is no higher responsibility than to be a member ofthis sovereign body(parliament) responsible for the fate of vast numbers of human beings.

In a representative democracy, political institutions provide opportunity for the people representatives to deliberate for the collective good of the people. Direct democracy is by and large is not possible in large, complex society like India.

So, disruptions are decreasing importance of parliament and its central purpose as a deliberating body for collective good of the people.


Bridging thelearning deficit

National education policy is about to be revised. In this revision it has to consider the reasons for higher drop out rates, teacher absenteeism, low teaching quality. Revised pedagogy,  An activity based learning, teaching at the right level need to be focused.


Indian Express

New channel -  Amendments to Interstate water disputes act – 1956

  1. A permanent agency will be established to collect and maintain water Data pertaining to rainfall, irrigation and inter basin flows.
  2. A permanent Tribunal will be constituted to adjudicate  all disputes related to inter State river waters.


Mitochondrial replacement therapy

Background – mitochondria has its own DNA and it gets transferred to offspring from mother. Any diseased mitochondria will make all children diseased. The therapy is intended to replace diseased mitochondria with healthy mitochondria at embryo level.


As three parents are involved in the process, UK has become the first country to recognize three parent babies.






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