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My Notes 20 Dec 2016 20-12-2016

Dear Students:

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 20-DEC-2016

The world according to Trump

  1. What can be  the implications of Trumps policies to india and world?
  2. Discuss how world will get effected on these matters – a) climate change b) Russia – USA relations c)Terrorism d) commerce
  3. What does these words mean – 1) TPP 2) RCEP 3)APEC. How India shall move forward on these matters?

Grappling with water disputes

  1. What are the amendments initiated for interstate river waters dispute act?
  2. What is the role of supreme court in interstate river water disputes?

Risk of Trumps’s china policy

  1. What are the issues raised by president elect Trump to China?
  2. What is one china policy?
  3. What are the limitations of chinas naval power?

A tale of two schemes

  1. How the urban landscape has changed with amma canteens?
  2. What are the reasons for failure of amma Kudneer?
  3. If compared, what are the lessons for programme implementation?

States need not buck up

  1. What WASH stands for?
  2. What the policy shall strive to achieve for?
  3. What are the implications suggested for a policy robustness?

Indian Express

7 new districts that set Manipur Ablaze

  1. Whatare the reasons for ongoing violence in Manipur.

Bill of rights

  1. What are the challenged in realising the rights of disabled?
  2. What are the improvements in the present bill passed by the parliament over previous bill?
  3. What is section 3(3) of the bill and how it can be misused to ignore the rights of disabled?

A fine balance

  1. Seniority vs Merit – what is good for appointment?
  2. What do we mean by military and civilian balance mean?



The world according to Trump

TRUMPs appointment


Trumps appointee

World view

Implications for India and world


EPA –scott pruitt

Energy secretary – Rick perry

Non believers in climate change

  1. Fossil fuel industry will get a boost.
  2. Paris climate change may get in to oblivion.
  3. Climate change threatens can worsen.

James Mattis – defence secretary

Had series of positions in handling central command and has hands on experience with Pakistan

ISIS can be a focus of action.


Rex Tillerson – secretary of state

Has good links with Russia

  1. USA Russia relations can be strengthened. India can pursue closer relations with both with out contradictions.
  2. Russia dependance on moscow can come down.



Terry Branstad – ambassador to china

  1. Good friend of china
  2. USA aims to bring in new normal in relations with china. 

Trade and Business


  1. H1B limits can hurt Indian software industry.
  2. TPP is about to be scrapped. India shall work for an entry in to APEC and RCEP.


Grappling with water difficulties

New amendments to Interstate river water disputes act proposes for

  1. A permanent Tribunal
  2. Dispute resolution committee


  1. Appeals to SC

Art 262 to has given the power to parliament to resolve interstate water disputes. SC of India had made it clear that it has an unfettered power to hear an appeal on tribunal award. Art 262 and act of Parliament only bars the courtfrom entertaining an original complaint or suit onits own, but not its power to hear appeals against a tribunal’s decisions.

  1. Refusal or reluctance of parties to abide by judicial orders
  2. Politicisation of disputes in the states.


Risks of Trump’sChina policy

  1. Trump likes to  renegotiate the terms of America’s engagement with China. he wants concessions from China over key issues such as trade, South China Sea disputes and the North Korea nuclear crisis, and that by raising the sensitive Taiwan issue, he is trying to gain some bargaining leverage over China.
  2. China has clearly stated that One china policy is not for negotiation. China will find it politically difficult to ignore Mr. Trump’s apparent effort to change the rules of the game. The geopolitical con-text is possibly even more important. China is acaged naval power. It has access to both South andEast China Seas, but its force projection capability is limited by the existence of several islands on these seas, such as Taiwan, Japan’s Ryukyu Islands,and the Babuyan Islands of the Philippines.



States need to buck up

  1. WASH stands for water, sanitation and Hygiene. Policy shall aim for achieving objectives of access, adequacy, affordability, quality and safety.

Robustness of policy depends

  1. Level of implementation – if policy is implemented close to the people, it doll be robust. States are better placed to make and implement policies on these matters.
  2. Beneficiaries segments – as of now beneficiaries are identified as per Geographical and social context. Population is segmented as rural, urban and low income and high income as so on. Segmenting beneficiaries on the human cycle can also yield good results. India can try for both.
  3. Identification of barriers – At the policy formulation level, identification of barriers to different groups of beneficiaries in government access is very important. This need to be given a focus.


Question of the day

  1. Do you think robustness of policy achievements depends on the attention given at policy formulation level. Discuss the major challenge in this front in india?



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