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My Notes 21 Dec 2016 21-12-2016

Dear Students:

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 21-DEC-2016


The Jayalalithaa mystique

  1. What are the achievements can be attributed to J jayalalaitha  in Indian politics?
  2. What is self respect movement under periyar?
  3. What is the attitude of Dravidian parties towards federalism?

Angela Markels challenge

  1. Why Angela Merkel is described as a leader of free world?
  2. What is her attitude towards immigration?
  3. What is the present political situation in EU and what are the reasons for the same?
  4. What are the challenges before Angela Merkel?

Time for a policy shift

  1. What are the weakness of Small House hold enterprises in India?
  2. What are the differences between organizations with household and non household employees?

Leopards in a spot

  1. What are the provisions of wild life protection act – 1972 on killing of a wild animal?
  2. Why wild animals are entering in to urban living spaces?







Time for a policy shift

Small units are considered as epicenters of growth. The are thought to be efficient. But, empirical evidence shows it other way round. If technical efficiency and quality of product is concerned, organized sector does better than unorganized sector.So, as incomes of the people increase demand for products shift from unorganized to organized sector.

Another observation is technical efficiency of small industrial units in urban areas is higher than rural areas. It can be explained through

  1. Lack of infrastructure
  2. Lack of Access to capital
  3. Lack of access to market in rural areas.

Among household small unorganized establishments and non household small establishments, the second has better performance and labour standards.


Leopards in a spot

Wild animals have a right to life and can not be killed unless it is a direct threat to life of individuals. No law says Wild animals movements shall be restricted only to National parks and wild life sanctuaries.

Loss of habitat for wild animals increasing man and animal conflict. In this animal is the victim. Animal rights framework need to be strengthened in India.



The Jayalalithaa mystique

TN former chief minister J Jayalalitha has redefined the political landscape in Tamil nadu and in india as a whole. Here, the prominent contributions from her are

  1. Cradle baby scheme, welfaristic programs
  2. Gender sensitivity in to politics
  3. Vocal about the right of the states in a federal set up
  4. Self respect movement, reservations and caste consciousness was effectively managed.


An unkind postscript

  1. State going reverse on its own promises creates a trust deficit in the society and between the people and state. The recent reversals of rules by Government and RBI in the ongoing demonetisation has created a confusion and chaos. Many of these are non implementable and so banks made their own ground rules. Added to this, it has increased undue strain on the banking sector.





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