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My Notes 22 Dec 2016 22-12-2016

Dear Students:

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 22-DEC-2016

Abrief  history  of  the  Aleppo  battle

  1. What are the arguments of west and Russia  on ongoing  Syrian war?
  2. Who are the warring factions in Syria and who are rebels?
  3. Do you think, rebels can give an alternative to Assad Government?

Achance for peace in Syria

  1. What is Moscow conference on Syria?
  2. Who are the regional actors in the process?
  3. Why the previous ceasefire agreement has failed in Syria?
  4. What is the approach of Russia in Syria?
  5. How Russia – Turkey relations can affect the Syrian peace process.

Ending Manipur Blockade

  1. What are the reasons for Manipur Blockade?
  2. Why New districts are created?
  3. How centre has to react to the situation? Did centre fulfil its responsibility?
  4. How blockade will impact the communities in long term?

Ayear of  living  dangerously

  1. What are the reactions of Pakistan to Indias surgical strike?
  2. What are National security implications?
  3. Did India achieve its strategic gains through surgical strikes?

The makeover  of  the  RSS

  1. What are the areas where RSS is seeing a change on ideological and operational fronts?

Finding the missing children

  1. Why so many children are missing in india?
  2. What are the actions state can take to address the situation?


Abrief  history  of  the  Aleppo  battle

The main battling groups in Aleppo are Syrian Army and rebel militias consisting of Jabhat al Nusra, Ansar Al Sharia,Ahrar al-Sham. Rebels have deep connections with Al qaeda and are ideologically charged to convert Syria in to a theocratic state. There are also allegations that they tried to use human shields to protect them form Syrian Army attacks.

As Syrian forces are supported by Russia,Iran  Rebels are supported by Saudi arabia, Qatar, Jordan. Rebels demand for a Assad free Syria and if it happens, Syria may plunge in to civil war as like in Afghanistan. So, protecting the state structure is pivotal to prevent this. This is what the stand of Russia is. A diplomatic solution is a way forward.

Achance for peace in Syria

Syria is a regional problem that needs a regional solution. Moscow conference is aimed at this. Iran, Russia and Turkey are the participants to the same. in this Russia and Irana re supporting Assad regime and Turkey supporting Rebels. Turkey has changed its policy and stated engaging as instability in the region is leading to security challenges on home front. Recent killing of Russian Ambassador, serious bomb attacks and strengthening of Kurdish forces are an indication of this.

In this scenario, it can also be said the effective participation of all regional actors is very critical for success of peace. As rebels receive support from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan making them participate in the conference can help. It need to be noted that USA enjoys considerable hold on these countries.


Ayear of  living  dangerously

Situation across the border andLoc is worsening between India and Pakistan after surgical strikes. Though Pakistan has denied any surgical strikes across LoC, a low cost response has initiated. It consists of

  1. Violation of ceasefire
  2. Planned low intensity attacks on Indian forces in J&K
  3. Supporting of Kashmiri Uprising.

In these Indian side is facing a greater damage compared to Pakistani side.

Political parties shall resist from using Military gain for a political advantage. It can be stated that political triumphalism after surgical strikes has lead to worsening of situation. India appears to be in a commitment trap and dilemma as it is unable to counter every attack by noon state actors from Pakistan.


Ending the Manipur blockade

Manipur is facing a blockade since November 1, after CM Ibobi singh has announced for new districts. It is causing severe hardships for the people and alienation among groups.

Though administrative reasons are cited for creation of new states, lack of consultation and apprehensions that Naga majority areas are being divided has lead to blockade. It shows the importance of consultation and deliberation for decision making.

On the other side, centre did not intervene effectively inspite of the request of state tot end blockade. It is not in the spirit of Indian federalism.



Nomura’s India growth indicator slumps to 20-yr low

It is happening in the light of demonetisation. Report states that

  1. Rural economy is worst hit compared to urban economy.
  2. Services sector compared to Manufacturing sector.
  3. Exports compared to Imports.

Nepal to hold militaryexercise with China

Nepal and China are conducting a military exercise namer Pratikar-1 with focus on handling terrorism.




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