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My Notes 24 Dec 2016 24-12-2016

Dear Students:

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 24-DEC-2016


An equal  music,  a  beautiful  society

  1. Who are the recent Raman Magsaysay award winners? 
  2. What are the similarities in their work?
  3. What is the meaning of self purification and self respect?
  4. What do you mean by social endoosmosis?

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  1. What is continuous and comprehensive evaluation means?
  2. What a common testing pattern is being introduced?
  3. What do you think is the best method to raise intellectual curiosity among the students?

An equal  music,  a  beautiful  society

Caste is all pervasive in India and spreads across different aspects of life. It is preventing open interaction of ideas and thoughts, values, practices and knowledge across the sections of population. (Social endosmosis)

In this, Dr Nagaraju has proposed for self purification and self respect as the two modalities of moral resistance to caste and practice of untouchability. Self purification mean Brahmin self must purify the urge to hurt untouchable. Self respect mean a dalit shall be assert ones inalienable dignity even in the face of discrimination. Ramon magsaysay award winners Krishna and Bezwada Wilson represents the above.

Krishna has taken the Music to its roots. That is to the tribal, rural and marginalised communities. Bezwada Wilsons fight against manual scavenging is remarkable.


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Purpose of the Education is to nurture creativity in children. Uniformity in their assessment will miss this critical component. So, National curricular Framework 2005 has emphasised for greater flexibility for teachers to decide on how to train students on concepts. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is meant to  identify learning difficulties periodically and to correct them. So, replacing them with a public examination will raise stress to the students.


Question of the day

  1. Discuss the impact of caste on Indian social system. Suggest measures to eliminate the caste? 


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