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My Notes 26 Dec 2016 26-12-2016

Dear Students:

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Agoods and services tangle

  1. What is GST?
  2. What are the advantages in passing GST?
  3. What are the issues in early conclusion of GST?
  4. Is the ongoing debate of demonetisation is anyway influencing the debate?


Indictment by abstention

  1. What is the Israel Palestine Issue?
  2. Why Israel is building settlements in West bank?
  3. Will the present UNSC resolution have any implication for Israel?


A grim outlook for Europe

  1. How to counter lone wolf attacks?
  2. What are the political implications of growing lone wolf attacks in West?
  3. Why countering of lone wolf attacks by security agencies is difficult?
  4. Why terror agencies are encouraging lone wolf attacks?


A revival  from  below

  1. What are the problems of National parties in general and congress in Particular?


Speak  up  for  the  Rohingyas

  1. Who are Rohingyas?
  2. What is their status in Myanmar?
  3. What are the long  term  implications for security if they are not ignored?



GST issues to be resolved

Agoods and services tangle

  1. Sharing of administrative power over tax payers in the new GST system.
  2. Centre proposal to impose cess to compensate the states.
  3. Compensation for the loss incurred by the states due to demonetisation.


Indictment by abstention

Israel is extending illegal settlements in the occupied Palestine territories. UNSC has passed a resolution in UNSC with 14-0. Significant issue is the absence of USA from voting, the known supporter of Israel in UNSC. Similar resolution was vetoed by USA in 2011. However, the resolution is not binding.


A grim outlook for Europe

Lone wolf attacks are on raise across Europe. They are creating political repercussions across Europe. Recent attack in central Berlin have strengthened voices of far right on Chancellor Merkel’s Immigration policy.

Surveillance of suspects of lone wolf attacks and bringing them under law is very difficult as most of them have no prior proof of criminality. Indoctrination is a invisible and subtle process difficult to detect even by the family members and communities.

Terrorist organisations are promoting the lone wolf attacks as it is easy to operate and no logistical preparation is necessary. It do not depend on using networks and no traces are left.



Arevival  from  below

Congress is fast losing its political space for regional political parties. The major reasons are

  1. Centralised decision making
  2. Lack of strong regional leadership
  3. Weak Institutional capacities

The Congress  has  to  reinvent  itself  as  a  hub  of  regional  interests  and  aspirations


Speak  up  for  the  Rohingyas

According to UN, Rohingyas are the most persecuted minorities in the world today. They have no citizenship rights and have restrictions on land ownership, marriage, employment, education, movement.

India as a mature democracy is known for its humanitarian support for minorities. Geo politics and strategic interests are coming in between for India to stand for Rohingyas.

If ignored for long, it will have severe security implications for the region.



Need to link Aadhaar with details of voters

There is a long standing demand to provide voting rights to Domestic migrants. But, EC concluded that domestic migrants do not constitute a uniquely identifiable and countable class. It will also be a logistical night mare for the commission. It recommended for linking voter ID card to Aadhar to provide absentee voting rights to migrant workers.




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