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My Notes 28 Dec 2016 28-12-2016

Dear Students:

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 28-DEC-2016

Passport to reform

  1. What are the major challenges for public service delivery?
  2. Are recent amendments in passport application rules are a step in the right direction?state reasons.
  3. Can you remember any other services that suffer from same bottlenecks?


Behind Pakistan’sCPEC offer

  1. What is the offer of Pakistan on CPEC?
  2. What are its real intention behind the same?
  3. What is the stand of India on CPEC? Do you think India need to Join CPEC?
  4. What are the major irritants between india and china that are in the recent news?
  5. What are the significant changes that are occurring in relations to peace in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan, India, and Trump

  1. What is the role of Pakistan in Afghanistans peace and stability?
  2. What is quadrilateral coordination group?
  3. What is the present status of USA forces in Afghanistan?
  4. Hoe different presidents of USA have handled the situation in Afghanistan?
  5. What the role India is playing in Afghanistan?

Chronicle  of  a  conflict  foretold

  1. What is the root cause of recent economic blockade in Manipur?
  2. What is the treaty of Yandaboo?

Neither  cultural  nor  revolutionary

  1. Is demonetization is going to change the culture of India?
  2. Is technology overemphasized as a change agent in India?


Question of the day?

Long lasting peace in Afghanistan needs an open Mind from Pakistan. 


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