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My Notes 30 Dec 2016 30-12-2016

Dear Students:

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 30-DEC-2016

Please think on these to prepare your argument on the topic. We did this last year and we are able to achieve an average of interview marks going up by 22 percentile points. Among successful students, Ms.Snheja has got the second highest score in interview. Her marks saw an upward revision by 43.


Thank you,

La Excellence IAS.





Goodbye, Barack

  1. In your opinion, what is the greatest legacy of president Obama?
  2. Can we compare Obama legacy with rainbow revolution in South Africa?
  3. Do we have any lessons for India from Obamas journey of reflection?

Sasikala rising

  1. What is personality cult in politics?
  2. Why is it so high in South and particularly in tamil nadu?


Peace on Track on colombia?

  1. Who is the president of colombia? Why was he awarded the nobel prize for peace?
  2. What is the peace deal in colombia is about and why did rightists opposed the same?
  3. What are the lessons for India – in reference to talks with naxals.



Notes to remember

  1. What are the payment preferences. Do socio economic criteria can influence it anyway?
  2. What is the percentage of Indias cash to GDP? Do you think is there any connection between cash to GDP ratio and corruption?
  3. What is the cost of cash mean?
  4. If India has to reduce dependance on cash, what are the steps it need to take?
  5. Is India prepared for cash leases transactions?


Talking to children about untouchability

  1. What is the influence of age, domicility, education on caste?
  2. When do you think a child in india gets exposed to caste?
  3. How we shall fight the caste?
  4. Do you think  early education and talking to children on caste make any difference?



  1. Lanba to chair committee of Chiefs
  2. Pak. ready for resumption of talks
  3. Patriotism must not lead to blinkered views: Pranab



  1. Syria truce deal signed, says Putin
  2. Colombia passes FARC amnesty law
  3. For China, a year of purge and unity
  4. An identity crisis for the U.K.
  5. Russia, Iran deepen ties with Taliban



Goodbye, Barack

Obama as a president reflected the need for unity, peace and reconciliation in the nation and world. Some may have interpreted it as the loss of Americas greatness but, it symbolically represents that human tribe is one.

Obama way of affirming his black roots with out denying others their due has given the world the importance of being tolerant.

He made American society to reflect to itself.on issues of race, police community relations, role of the state etc,.

But, he failed to gaze the anger growing in working Americans due to globalisation and loss of jobs. Added to this, Obama wanted to change things, but with out disturbing too much. It had given a credence for the voice of Trump and his ascendency for presidency.



Notes to remember

Demographically, senior citizens, low income groups are more dependant on disposable income. In India, cash to GDP ration is close to 12% and cost on cash is close to 21,000cr rupees. Any society to be able to transform  to a digital economy should have a choice to be able to safely, reliably and conveniently transact money digitally at price which is affordable and at a place where needed. India has a long distance to go.


Talking to children about untouchability

In India, as per survey of social attitudes research for India,  Urban and Rural areas, young and aged do not have a much difference to their sensitivity to caste. They equally practice untouchability. Roots of this menace starts in early childhood, when one gets exposed to untouchability  in day to day practice.

Empirical evidence in USA shoes us that white studentswho read about both the accomplishments of and the discrimination faced byblack Americans later displayed lessbiased attitudes towards blacks thanwhite children who had merely readabout accomplishments.

India has to acknowledge the problem and every one shall make an effort to end this. It has to start from Talking to children about untouchability.



Question of the day

  1. Do you think Indian society and economy are ready for digital economy / cashless economy. Suggest the way forward?




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