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My Notes 31 DEC 2016 31-12-2016

Dear Students:

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2016: The Supreme Court’s report card

  1. Recollect major judgments of supreme court in 2016?

A)     NJAC case

B)     Criminal defamation

C)     National anthem in cinema halls

  1. What is your opinion on judicial activism?
  2. What is the primary role of judiciary in a democracy?
  3. What are the words - right to reputation and constitutional fraternity mean in subramanian swamy case?
  4. Do you think Supreme Court is failing to enforce its judgements? Think on recent examples?


Managing risk in banks

  1. What are the important take always from financial stability report?
  2. What is the objective of Draft financial resolution and deposit insurance bill?
  3. What is the best way to stop the contagion of bank failure?


Anew dawn for Syria?

  1. What are the parties involved with truce in syria?
  2. Discuss why Turkey wanted to come forward?
  3. What are the geo strategic interests of Russia?
  4. What are the challenges to the deal?


The empowerment diaries

  1. What are the factors that are leading to empowerment of women in Kashmir?
  2. How is a traditional mind set is changing ?
  3. Can empowerment be a solution for ongoing crisis in Kashmir?


China again stalls India bid to blacklist Azhar

  1. What is 1267 sanctions committee?
  2. On what grounds china is stalling blacklisting of azhar?


Business –

Singapore investors’ capitalgains to attract tax in India

  1. What is the meaning of the following words

a)      DTAA

b)      Round tripping

c)      Tax heavens

  1. Why India wants to revise the double taxation avoidance  agreements with singapore and Mauritius?




2016: The Supreme Court’s report card

  1. Judiciary shall not behave as a super legislature. It is not in the interests fo Judiciary and democracy at large.
  2. In a democracy, Judiciary shall be counter majoritarian if it has to protect rights of the people.


2016 is the year of challenges for supreme court in terms of its institutional functioning and independence. The major issues for discussion are

  1. NJAC – SC of India held 99th constitutional amendment act meant for creation  of NJAC as null and void as it violates the independence of Judiciary – a part of the basic structure of the constitution.  It also recommended for improvising transparency in Judicial appointments through collegium and ordered Government to make memorandum of procedure in this regard.
  2. Criminal defamation – supreme court of India in subramnanian swamy case upheld the section 499 and 500 of IPC that punishes for criminal defamation. It has interpreted art 21 to provide for right to reputation and brought a new concept of constitutional fraternity – that is , an assurance of mutual respect and concern for each others dignity.
  3. National Anthem in cinema halls – Sc of India directed that cinema halls in india shall play National anthem before screening of the film.

Other areas

SC of India failed to enforce its will in judgement related to Aadhar. Inspite of it adjusting it as optional, Government is making it compulsory for many welfare benefits.


Managing risk in banks

Financial stability report has stated that banks health in india is still fragile. NPA of public sector banks is a major concern.  Policy interventions are necessary for rising asset quality, infusion of fresh capital in to banking sector. RBI has already reviewed  that institutional risks, credit growth and cyber risk are major high risk factors.


Anew dawn for Syria?

Cease fire agreement between Assad regime and opposition rebels is a new dawn for syria. Iran, Russia and Turkey has come forward to give diplomacy a chance. Russia do not want to get itself involved deep into Syrian crisis but likes to maintain its hold on west Asia. Turkey do not want to have spill over effects of Syrian crisis on its territory. If fight gets deepened, autonomy demand for Kurdish region gains momentum. However, success of cease fire also depends on to what extent other regional interests play.



Question of the day

  1. Judicial activism shall not come in the way of routine judicial functioning. Judiciary shall act as a protector of freedoms of all. Discuss the challenges of functioning of Judiciary in India? Discuss in the light of recent judgements.. 


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