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My Notes 05-Jan-2017 05-01-2017

Dear Students:

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Bengaluru’s night of horror

  1. How can we ensure safety of women in public places?
  2. Can westernization be blamed for molestation of women?
  3. Why women are not coming forward to complain about these incidents?

Wheels within wheels in Uttar Pradesh

  1. Why vote bank politics are so prominent in india?
  2. Supreme Court Judgement on section 123(3) of RPA will effect dalit parties more than others.
  3. What are the reasons for the rise in dynasty politics in india?
  4. Can electoral benefits guide governance decisions?

Running  into  the  Chinese  wall

  1. What is UNSC 1267 committee?
  2. What are the reasons for the fragmentation of global consensus on terrorism?
  3. How will it affect India?
  4. What are the provisions of Indias comprehensive convention on international terrorism?

For  a  level  playing  field

  1. What are the reasons for a weak representation of women in indian sports?
  2. How women wrestling is connected with empowerment of women?



Indian American members of Congress will play a crucial role

  1. How Indian American representation in USA congress will help deepen Indian interests?

State  media  cautions  China over  India’s  labour  cost  edge

  1. What are the factors that determine establishment of global supply chains in a country?
  2. Why India is a favorable destination in comparison to china?

China’s stance on terror self-defeating: India

  1. What is chinas stand on mason Azhar?



Bengaluru’s night of horror

Urban public spaces are becoming hostile to women. Recent molestation against women on new year party eve in Benguluru and attack on software engineer in chennai reflects the same.

State and society shall take responsibility for the safety of women. Strong laws alone will not be sufficient to do this. Social attitudes need to change and sensitivity of police and judiciary shall increase to the issues of women to fight the menace. Blaming on westernization will not help.



Running  into  the  Chinese  wall

Indian and china relations are seeing a new low in relation to fight against terror is concerned. China is repetitively blocking India efforts to list massed azhar under UNSC 1267 committee. It states lack of sufficient evidence as a reason to do the same. But, hijack of IC 814, his own book imprisonment to freedom reveal his terror links and actions.

Beyond the issue, global consensus on terrorism itself is weakening. The Major reasons for the same are

  1. Talks with taliban – to facilitate talks with taliban, names of its leaders are  been excluded from 1267 committee.
  2. Russia – USA rivalry –already discussed.
  3. Economic interests – Russia, china and Pakistan trilateral meeting on Taliban and Taliban declaration that they will not attack infrastructure is an indication of this.
  4. Russia s new found closeness with Pakistan – it has made voice of India weak on counter terrorism.

Impact on India

Global consensus on terrorism has helped India to fight against the Pakistan and keep it defensive. Weakening of the same will create fault lines on india’s flight against terror.


Question of the day

  1. Analyse the reasons for weakening of global fight against terror? What are the Indian concerns for the same? 


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