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Dear Students:

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 06-January-2017


Reading between the lines

Article is related to section 123(3) of RPA.Already discussed

A mid term referendum

  1. Do you suggest for simultaneous elections for loksabha and legislative assembly?
  2. Can any way union budget can influence the outcomes of these elections?
  3. How the voting behavior of citizens is changing in India?

Being factual in the post-truth era

  1. What do we mean by these words – post truth era, click bait,
  2. What is the impact of fake news? What are the reasons for their growth
  3. How social media is influencing these?
  4. How can we control these fake news?
  5. What are the findings of pew research centre on fake news?
  6. How shall we fight this menace?

Keeping  the  streets  safe

  1. How can mass gatherings like new year eve shall be handled?
  2. What are the major problems plaguing the police at the leadership level?

Teaching peace to Humanity

  1. what is the purpose of education shall be?
  2. What are the observations of Aristotle, Immanuel Kant, Bertrand russel about education?


Being factual in the  post truth era

Fake news are the deliberate creation of factually incorrect content to mislead people for some gain. Social media and penetration of internet has increased the menace. According to pew research centre study it is found that many people are getting confused and are even thinking them as factual. It has significantly influenced the elections in india, USA and many other countries.

Germany is considering imposing a penalty of euro5,00,000 fine on social media if its shares fake and Italy is setting up a special agency to combat fake news.  Rigorous standards on fake news and imposition of fines on organizations falling short of these can be a way forward.



Keeping  the  streets  safe

Mob management is an important job of police and it needs  credible intelligence, quick decision making and swift action. Risk aversiveness, politicization of police actions for narrow gains have made the situation worse.


Teaching peace to Humanity

Remember the following for an essay

  1. Education is not solely an academic pursuit, it is a pursuit of moral wisdom.
  2. Education shall give a certain outlook on life and the world.
  3. The  aim  of  paideia(education) , Aristotle  argues  in  Politics,  is  to  enable members of  a  community  to  decide  the political  organization  of  society.
  4. Peace is a long term process of educating humanity with values of compassion.
  5. Education shall cultivate ones judgement rather than making people obedient to an ideology. For this, a massive re evaluation of pedagogy is necessary.

In a nut shell as Kant stated the aim of education is moralization of man.


Question of the day

India shall strive to bring a social change through education. It needs a reform of its entire education system. Express your opinions.



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