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My Notes 07 JAN 2017 07-12-0017

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Clamping down on ordinance raj

  1. What is an  ordinance?
  2. What are the articles in the constitution providing for ordinance?
  3. How ordinance making power of the executive and law making action of legislature are related to each other?
  4. What are the supreme court guide lines on this matter.
  5. Why the misuse of ordinance making power is increasing/

When banks are awash with cash

  1. What are the major impacts of demonetization on RBI?
  2. What are the arguments of Government on favor of demonetization?
  3. Why private investment and credit growth are not increasing inspite of lowering of interest rates?
  4. What is the way out to spur economic growth in this situation?

Ground zero – Interview preparation - The sisterhood  of  wrestlers

  1. What is the impact of medal winning in women wrestling on

a)      Patriarchal mindset

b)      Sports as a career for women

c)      Son preference


Ordinance is an executive law making power and it need to be exceptionally used. Art123 and 213 of the constitution provides for this power. It shall be used only when legislature is not in session and when a situation demands so. SC of India in DC wadhwa case has held that repeated promulgation of ordinances is unconstitutional. It also stated that legislature shall not be prorogued for making an ordinance. In Krishna Kumar singh case it held that failure to place an ordinance before legislature constitutes an abuse of power and a fraud on the constitution.

Today, resorting to ordinance is increasing. The major reasons are

  1. Reluctance to face the legislature on issues of inconvenience.
  2. Lack of majority in the upper house for the govt.
  3. Obstructionist attitude of the opposition

If the democracy has to function, legislature control over the executive and separation of powers has to function. Ordinance making, an exception power given to executive shall not become a norm. Political expediency shall not be a ground for ordinance making.


When banks are awash with cash

The major determinants of growth are private investment, public investment and private consumption. If demonetisation has to be successful, it has to increase credit growth along with deposit growth in the banks. If not, it may fail the banks. Inspite of lowering of interest rates by banks motivation for credit and private investment is not growing. So, boosting of the confidence of investor is necessary. For this, state has to pump prime the economy. Fiscal policy can be an effective instrument to boost demand in economy. Public investment shall rise.


Question of the day

Ordinance shall be seen as an exception also instrument and not as a routine law making tool to bypass the legislature. In this context discuss the reasons for the growth of its misuse and suggest remedies. 


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