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My Notes 11 Jan 2017 11-01-2017

Dear Students:

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 11 Jan 2017


Taking ‘Cold Start’ out of the freezer?

  1. What is clod start doctrine?
  2. Does India have a cold start doctrine?
  3. How Pakistan is using Indias non existent cold start doctrine to its advantage?
  4. What are the challenges for India for launch of its cold start doctrine?

Appointments as a spoils of office

  1. What do you understand by the word spoils system?
  2. Why SPSC appointments are getting politicised?
  3. How we shall make them effective?

The great Americanelection hack

  1. What do you think are the reasons for TRUMP victory in USA elections?
  2. Does hacking of personal emails of democratic candidate campaign managers has effected election results?


Stemming the  moral  rot  within

  1. What are the weakness of Indian society that is promoting violence against women?
  2. How can we fight this menace?

Reaching  out  to  Africa

  1. What are the economic opportunities East Africa is providing to India?
  2. Are there any visible changes in india Africa engagement in recent times?

Mind the gender gap

  1. What is gender budgeting?
  2. How development and women empowerment are related to each other?

Corbyn calls for wage capto combat inequality

  1. What is the proposal of Corbin?
  2. Does it work with capitalist economic structure?

SC orders audit of 30 lakh NGO

  1. What is the major problems in functioning of NGOs in India?
  2. What kind of regulation is the best in managing NGOs?



Taking ‘Cold Start’ out of the freezer?

Cold start refers to a conventional, swift retaliatory offensive action that seizes and holds enemy territory with out triggering wider conventional or nuclear escalation. India needs a strong preparedness and coordination with airforce to take up cold start strategy.

The  word cold start also refers to a range of actions from a proactive strategy to streamlined  mobilisational procedures.

India loosely using this word has provided an advantage to Pakistan to increase its nuclear arsenal. It is talking of foul spectrum deterrence through tactical nuclear weapons. It is keeping India at a strategic disadvantage.


Appointments as a spoils of office

A spoils office refers to appointments made through political patronage. Tamil Nadu government appointed members of State public service commission with out any procedural checks to ascertain their suitability to the Job.

The concept of such commissions was incorporated in the Constitution with the idea that recruitment for public service would be truly independent and free from the pressure of the political executive.Political patronage is discouraging the same.


The great Americanelection hack

USA intelligence agencies accuse Russians hand at the highest level to influence the outcomes of USA elections. It has come when the relations between the countries are at their lowest point. This has lead to expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from USA. President elect trump did not agree to this and it clearly shows divides in USA establishment.

Beyond this, loss of Hillary Clinton can be attributed to deeply rooted economic and migration related  resentments among working population in America.

In general, in post truth era hacking, fake news have become new fear for liberal democracies.


Stemming the  moral  rot  within

In India, Patriarchal society has created misogynistic Attitudes in the male and globalisation has worsened the situation. Objectification of women, pornogrpahy, increased trafficking made women much vulnerable.

So, the following steps can help to change the situaiton.

  1. Advocacy for gender sensitivity by the Government through education
  2. Strong laws and their effective implementation.
  3. Sensitising the law enforcement machinery to problems of the women.


Reaching  out  to  Africa
India – Africa summit, Prime Minister visit to kenya, tamzania, mozambique, South Africa has established strong relations for India with resource rich Africa. Kenyan president Uluru Kenyatta is actively involved in engaging with India.

East African community is strongly growing in and is successful African economic community. India shall take the opportunities by proactively engaging and effectively implementing the promises.


Question of the day

The direct link between empowering women and alleviating  poverty,  increasing  productivity,  and  combating  climate  change is  well-recognised. What steps India shall take to put women power for development of nation.





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