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My Notes 18 Jan 2017 18-01-2017

Dear Students:

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Think on these

Voting in a season of discontent

  1. Do you think administrative decisions need to be independent from politics of the day?
  2. Do you think Creation of new districts in Manipur is more a political decision?
  3. What are the challenges in the hill districts of manipur?


A wake up call

  1. Can we allow access to social media for security agencies?
  2. What are the reasons that are  making forces to access social media to express grievances?

In the nick of time

  1. What is the importance of GST to indian economy?
  2. How GST will  be administered as per the agreement between centre and the states?


An Afghan  agenda  for  Trump

  1. What are the failures of President Obama in handling Afghanistan and terrorism?
  2. Why Pakistan is considered as an important player in fight against terrorism?


Voting in a season of discontent

Manipur has a valley and hilly region. Valley is dominated by the Meitis and tribal people are the part of hilly region majorly dominated by Nagas and Kukis. Among the 60 seats in Manipur assembly 40 of them are in the valley region and remaining twenty are in tribal areas.

  1. Meitis are resisting an increase in Number of outsiders in valley and NSCN(I-M) demand for greater nagalim.
  2. Recently, naga populated regions are divided in to 7 new districts and Nagas consider it as splitting their homeland. It lead to economic bloackade of Manipur by UNC.

These are expected to be the major election issues this year in Manipur.


A wake up call

Dissent in military and para military forces is increasing. Lack of effective grievance redressal system is making the soldiers to resort to social media to express their grievances. There is no doubt that it is a serious disciplinary offense and Excessive use of social media is  also a symbol of degenerating health of security establishment. It can end up compromising National security in the long run.


In the nick of time

Acompromise has been reached between the Centreand the States on the formula for administrativecontrol over taxpayers under the GST. Now, 90 percent of all GST assesses with a turnover of up to1.5 crore will come under the watch of the States and 10 per cent under that of the Centre, with both getting to assess half of the firms with a turnover-over 1.5 crore.

Now, industry concerns are left to be addressed.  A clear rule based frame work is necessary. Creation of an anti profiteering authority and penal provisions need greater clarity.


An Afghan  agenda  for  Trump

President Obama has been excessively dependent on Pakistan in stabilizing Afghanistan. Initially he expressed concerns about the safe heavens in Pakistan but later he declared Pakistan as a strategic ally in war on terror. His administration also expressed concerns on Indian involvement in Afghanistan  and insisted on resolution of differences on Durand line with Pakistan.

USA assistance to Pakistan has increased over a period of time. President obamas claims of fight against terrorism appears hollow with substantial militarization of the USA Afghan Policy. Now Mr.  Trump  should  embrace  a  vibrant diplomacy and regional  cooperation  towards Russia,  China,  India  and  Iran for the problems of Afghanistan.


Don’t  let  messengers  shoot  themselves

Suicide and fratricide are increasing in military and para military forces in India. It is due to stress, lack of supportive environment and grievance redressal mechanism. Access to Justice is very limited to para military forces that are under the administration of ministry of home affairs. They can not access armed forces tribunal and have to face a court martial system called the security force court that has very few legal  safeguards. better  dispute  resolution,  communication  facilities  in  field  areas,  yoga, and  increased  interaction  between jawans  and  officers are to be undertaken  to  boost  morale of the officers.


World / news

In Davos, Xi defends globalization

President xi jingling has stated that globalization shall be more inclusive, sustainable and the existing global institutions are inadequate and should be more representative. .


Theresa  May  offers  clarity on Brexit,  few  surprises  too

Prime minister Theresa May has clearly indicated for a hard brexit and lowering of tax rates to attract more international business.


Walk away  from terror,  PM  tells Pak

Prime minister of India Modi has clearly stated that Pakistan must walk away from terror to proceed towards talks. He reiterated commitment for a peaceful and harmonious south Asia and putting the Neighbor first. 


India  now  an  associate member of  CERN

India has become an associate member of CERN and it will enhance the participation of young scientists and engineers in various CERN projects. 


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