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My Notes 19 Jan 2017 19-01-2017

Dear Students:

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 19-Jan-2017



Terms of disengagement , the Hard road to Brexit.

  1. What do you mean by Brexit?
  2. What are the challenges European Union and Britain are expected to face after Britains Exit from EU?
  3. How the Brexit deal is expected to conclude between EU and Britain.


Focussing on the marginal farmer

  1. What are the problems small and Marginal farmers are facing in india?
  2. Why the suicides are high among farmers in Punjab, maharashtra?
  3. What do you understand by the following terms

a)      Integrated pest management

b)      No spray early rule

c)      Custom Hiring centers

d)      Loan restructuring

The second  coming  of  Barack  Obama

  1. What is the message of President Obama in his farewell speech?
  2. What are the recent decisions of president Obama to keep up his legacy?
  3. How and on what issues  president Obama can build a people movement to protect his legacy?


Raisinadialogue –

  1. U.S. Admiral cautions India on Chinese ‘influence.
  2. India, Sri Lanka in talks on port
  3. Respect sovereignty, India tells China



Terms of disengagement , the Hard road to Brexit.

The highlights  of PM Theresa may speech are

  1. Britain would leave EU and will have its own rules and border controls.
  2. It tries to protect trade ties with European Union. the U.K.would seek to negotiate a deal that would give it asmuch access to the single market without being apart of it.
  3. UK will enlarge it s trade relations outside EU as a great trading Nation.
  4. If EU chooses to raise tariffs against Britain it may choose lower tax rates to invite investments.

If analysed following are the challenges that are clearly visible

  1. Britains half of the imports and Exports are to EU.
  2. Countriesoutside EU with whom Britain aims to develop trade relations seeks many benefits from UK, which it is not ready to give. Ex – relaxation of Immigration rules.
  3. Scotland reiterated its resolve to continue in EU single market and is demanding for a referendum on Scottish independence.



The second  coming  of  Barack  Obama

In recent days president Obama has made important decisions to protect his legacy. Arrival of USA troops and equipment to support NATO, release of funds to green climate fund, USA abstention on the resolution on Israeli settlements in UNSC resolution are a few.

After office president Obama can fight on many of the issues Trump aims to reverse. His expressed his willingness for the same in farewell speech.  These include

  1. Climate change
  2. Iran Nuclear deal
  3. Nuclear disarmament
  4. Campaign to support UN.

The  success  that  Mr.  Carter  registered  in  several  instances  of  conflict resolution after  leaving  office  could be  a role  model  for  Mr.  Obama. 


Focussing on the marginal farmer

Farmers suicides are rising in Punjab, Maharashtra, Telangana and it is a serious reflection of agrarian crisis. Debt is the one single major reason for farmers suicides. Following steps can be recommended to improve the situation.

  1. Integrated pest management ( ex – No spray early rule in Mekong delta)
  2. Timely delivery of subsidies
  3. Institutional financing, early earning systems and loan restructuring initiatives
  4. Custom tailored farming equipment to suit marginal farmers.


Question of the day

  1. Discuss the measures to be taken to address the problems of farmers and arrest their suicides. Do you think, access to institutional finance can alone help?



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