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My Notes 21 Jan 2017 21-01-2017

Dear Students:

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 21-Jan-2017

My Notes – 21Jan2017


Catching a sport by its horns

  1. What is Jallikattu
  2. What is the cultural explanation for Jallikattu?
  3. Hoe Jallikattu issue need to be solved and sport need to be improved?

Living in a hotter world

  1. What are the reasons for rising global temperature?
  2. What are the impacts of rise in sea levels for countries such a s India?
  3. Discuss the way forward to fight climate change?

Rolls-Royce hired brokers for deals

  1. What is integrity pact?
  2. Why Rolls Royce is tried in UK on this matter?
  3. What are the features of UK bribery act?


Catching a sport by its horns

Jallikattu today has transcended its regional and caste definition and became emblematic of Tamil culture. It stands as a symbol of Tamil pride. As things move on, it has to be ensured that  thesport is regulated and animals are protected from harm. It also shall be made inclusive with the participation of the high and the low, the dominant and the oppressed.


( please look for the same on explanation series videos)


Living in ahotter world

2016 is reported as a hottest year and climate change is cited as a reason. Depletion of ice sheets is increasing across the arctic and antarctic and it can be catastrophic for coastal areas. Developing countries like India will be particularly vulnerable.

President Trump of USA shall shun his arguments on climate change and shall take a serious note of the change happening around. Indias own commitment to Paris climate accord need to be strengthened with unambiguous actions.


Rolls-Royce hired brokers for deals

Rolls Royce has employed middle man, manipulated accounts and paid kick backs to gain defence deals in india. It happened dispute of signing an integrity pact. UK court has imposed an hefty penalty for rolls Royce for violation of UK bribery act.



Question of the day?

Tradition and culture are not immune to change. But it is facile to argue that the rights discourse can be conducted ignoring the cultural context. Discuss in the light of recent Jallikattu controversy?







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