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My Notes 23 Jan 2017 23-01-2017

Dear Students:

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The nowhere  people  next  door

1982 citizenship law

Rohingya militia

India s amendments to citizenship act

Geo strategic factors.

India – challenges

Kofi annan committee

Constitutional position of civilian Government in Myanmar


In fruitless pursuit of permanence

  1. Ordinance vs Law
  2. Future of Jallikattu

Americas era of anger

  1. Policies of TRUMP – LGBT rights, climate change, Obama care
  2. Missile defence system
  3. Economic protectionism and passionate nationalism
  4. China, American liberalism, global economic order

Dealing with the dead wood


From Jellicut  to  jallikattu

  1. Political economy to understand Jallikattu
  2. What are the challenges in india in enhancement of Native breeds?

TRUMPS war against Media



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