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My Notes 25- Jan- 2017 25-01-2017

Dear Students:

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 25-Jan-2017


Navigating aTrumpian world

  1. Did globalisation hurt American jobs and wealth?
  2. What are the three major departures are expected from Trumps presidency?
  3. How social media is going to influence the future of populistic leadership?
  4. What are the three Major factors that have determined the relations of India with USA?
  5. What can be new challenges to India – USA relations during Trumps presidency?


Flirting  with  chauvinism

  1. What is the danger of identity politics colluding with historical cultural practices?
  2. What is the middle path suggested for Jallikattu issue? Can it be implemented and what are the challenges

Bridging  the  Gulf

  1. What are the factors that are determining India – UAE relations?



Foot note



Points to be covered in Video

  1. India – USA relations during Obama era? Priority areas? What are the factors responsible for the same?
  2. USA and globalisaiton?
  3. Policy shifts of Trump
  4. Uncertainties for India, Asia pivot

Bridging  the  Gulf

  1. Challenges of gulf kingdom s
  2. Trade and investment
  3. Terrorism
  4. Remittances
  5. Energy security
  6. Sovereign wealth fund
  7. Human resources from India 


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