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My Notes 27-Jan 2017 27-01-2017

Dear Students:

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 27-Jan-2017

Video discussion plan


  1. What is an ordinance?
  2. When an ordinance can be issued?
  3. What is the Judgement of SC in krishna Kumar singh case?

Banking on good faith?

  1. Banker Borrower Nexus
  2. Policy paralysis?
  3. Section 13(1)(D) of prevention of corruption act

Setback to climateaction plans

  1. Trumps reversals
  2. Clean power plan?


Perspective page

  1. Astana talks – actors
  2. Stalemate in the talks?
  3. What can be the future?
  4. Syrian Kurds

Targeted basic income

  1. Finland experiment?
  2. MP study
  3. Positive impact of basic income
  4. Negative impact

Economists are  advocating  universal  basic  incomes  for  fighting  inequality,  slow  wage growth, advancing automation and fears that immigrants will take  away  jobs.  While  free  trade  and  technological  advances  have  grown national  incomes,  not  every  individual  is  better  off.  There  are  winners  and losers.  Redistributive  government  intervention  is  needed  so  that  no  one  is left  worse  off.


Statements to make –

  1. peace isa process, Not a state
  2. the authority to issue ordin-ances is not an absolute entrustment, but is“conditional upon a satisfaction that circum-stances exist rendering it necessary to takeimmediate action”.
  3. It ruled that an ordinance isdistinct from a temporary legislation, and ittherefore doesn’t automatically create rightsand liabilities that go beyond its term of op-eration.




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