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Gandhi  for  our  troubled  times

A)     Moral conscience of humanity

B)     Symbolizes a sense of revolt against injustice

C)     He prompted for self examination accompanied by a self trans-formation of society.

D)     He preached for courage – his idea of satyagraha is to stand for a principle at adversity. He  had always  held  that  satyagraha  implied  the  willingness  to  accept  not  only  suffering  but  also death  for  the  sake  of  a  principle.” 

E)      Dialogue and cease less questioning is considered as the most dissenting and productive thinking. It is a vision for creating a critical public culture in India. Gandhijis struggle for truth and resisting evil provides an  example for gandhian critical thinking. So, Non violence is a brave act of dissenting. Satyagraha rests  on  a  philosophical  belief  that  non-violence is a  struggle  against  wickedness and hypocrisy.  Moreover,  it  is  the  highest  form  of moral intervention  against  falsehood  and  injustice  in  the  public  space. It is very much relevant in today s world of political populism and moral hypocrisy.

F)      Gandhijis ideal of democracy involves moral growth of Individuals, primacy of non violent action and interdependence of all departments of life coming together.  According to him, democracy can not function in a framework of meaningless civilization with no sense of ethics and spirituality.

Gandhi’s  approach  to  politics  in  terms  of  “resistance”  and  “protest” beyond  a  conception  of  domination  over others  provides  a  potential  antidote  to  the contemporary crisis of democracy. With this in  mind,  Gandhi  can  be  said  to  be  oriented towards reinventing politics as  a  capacity  for self-realisation  and  self-transformation  of society. 


Rail safety

  1. Most of the rail accidents are due to faults in  Rail management rather than sabotage - Kakodkar committee.
  2. Railways are the means to connect nation. There shall be safe, equitable and comfortable – gandhijis.

Rashtriya rail SanrakshaKosh, a non lapsable fund that is being established in the country need to be well utilized and transparently  managed to improve rail safety.



Fielding  the  finest

An  apolitical  ethos  of  the  services  has  been  one of  the  strongest  pillars  of  our  democracy.

So, the greatest dilemma is how to put merit and seniority together in army promotions?

  1. reducing  the  stipulation  of  tenancy  of  two  years  to  18 months  (it  is  already  one  and  a  half years  in  the  Air  Force  and  one  year  in the  Navy)  to  widen  the  number  of  eligible  candidates. 
  2. As  regards  the  selection  process,  the  three  service  chiefs (four  when  a  Chief  of  Defence  Staff  or permanent  Chairman  of  Chief  of  Staff Committee  is  introduced)  could  constitute  the  selection  board,  with  the chief  of  the  service  concerned  presiding. 

Choked by  the  Global  Gag  Rule

the  Global  Gag  Rule states  that  U.S.  government  funding cannot  be  given  to  international  NGOs, either  directly  or  through  U.S.  non-governmental  partners  of  these  NGOs,  unless  these  foreign  NGOs  sign  an  undertaking  to  not  provide  abortion  services or  even  information  or  advocacy  on abortion  to  their  clients  even  in  countries  in  which  abortion  is  legal  and  even with  money  that  does  not  come  from the  United  States  Agency  for  International  Development’s  budget. Most of republican presidents presented this pro life argument.


It will hamper the work of NGOs in reproductive health care in the country.


Question of the day?


  1. What do you think is the relevance of gandhi for today s world?





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