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My Notes 06 Feb 2017 06-02-2017

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An Indian sub prime crisis in the making

In India, if performance of the companies are been assessed based on the following three parameters , there is a clear indication that Indian corporate sector is going into a crisis.

A)     Interest coverage ratio

B)     Current assets to current liabilities ratio

C)     Debt to equity ratio

It is further getting reflected in the rising NPAs of banks. Surprisingly non performing and non  profit making companies are able to gain more loans over years. It is increasing their liabilities further and keeping the banking sector at risk.

Government bailing out habitual defaulters through infusion of capital in to banks is making the situation worse.


Will  Budget  help  double  farmers’  income?

It was announced last year the objective of the Government to double the farmers income by 2022. The factors that determine it are

  1. Increase in minimum support price as total cost of production and 50% over it.
  2. Price stabilisation fund to be established.
  3. Recognition of land titles in the female will increase access to loans for them.
  4. Drought proofing farming – creating five lakh more farm ponds, insurance schemes,
  5. Expansion of marketing facilities.
  6. Improving irrigation facilities
  7. Organic farming shall be emphasised.

Steps taken by the Government.

long term irrigation fund with NABARD is increased to 40,000cr and diary processing and infrastructure development fund has got a corpus of 8000cr



Ancient sport, new age protests


  1. Spontaneous movements happening across India are unsynchronised awakenings of an under class. It is happening every where and is the time for an introspection.
  2. The celebrated British physicist, StephenHawking, is credited with the remark that“the 21st century will be the century of complexity”. Hence, all governments need to accept that change is the order of things and that the nature of change itself changes. Logical thinking has been overtaken, or is being eclipsed, by disruptive logic.
  3. State if appears weak, sub-nationalism,chauvinism will have its sway. State shall be considerate but shall not be weak. So, diffusion of power shall be avoided.
  4. Growing intolerance is a special feature across societies and populations today. Public opinion can be easily galvanised in an hyper connected world today. This phenomenon of indeterminate complexity shall be addressed.


Targeting oldscourges

Union Budget gives new references for the elimination of kala Azar, TB, Leprosy , filariasis and measles. But the ground situation appears very weak.

  1. TB - The new elimination deadline of 2025 will also depend on  improved capabilities in the health system to meet the daily drugs requirement and a feeling of ownership at the State level.
  2. lack of integration of private practitioners with the national mis-sion on tuberculosis for guaranteed access to drugs, lack of continuous monitoring of such patients
  3. Leprosy, filariasis, kala azar – lack of focus on endemic areas and rehabilitation is not effective. It needs policy support.


Breaking the status quo

Initiatives of Modi Government

  1. NITI Aayog
  2. 14th finance commission  recommendations are implemented
  3. Mudra Yojana- 2 lakh crore is disbursed
  4. Bet I Bachao, Beth padao
  5. Pradhan Mantrisukhanyasamriddhiyojana
  6. Maternity leav is raised from 12 weeks to 26 weeks
  7. Swachch Bharat Abhiyan
  8. Pradhan MantrifasalBima Yojana
  9. Pradhan Mantrikrishi Si chai yojana
  10. Electoral reforms in budget
  11. Doing away with out dated law
  12. Demonetisation
  13. Infrastructure status to affordable housing. 


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