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What America first means for India

  1. President Trump can ask for symmetric reciprocity from India. There is an allegation that India is not reciprocating equally to USA.
  2. As India is been declared as a major defence partner, Indian request for weapons will be considered with a presumption of approval rather than denial. But, USA can stress for India signing COMCASA(communication compatibility and security agreement) and other foundational agreements for greater cooperation.
  3. USA is expecting Indian army presence in Afghanistan. Trump administration has limited latitude to pursue an Afghan policy less dependant on Pakistan.
  4. USA support for Indias entry in to NSG is also doubtful.
  5. America first of Trump can effect the H1B visas and many Indians living in USA. It can affect the profitability of Indian software companies. Here, the policy related to outsourcing of Jobs can be revisited It can affect the BPO and KPO sectors in India.
  6. NDA Government crackdown on Christian missionaries and NGOs like compassion international can be an irritant between the countries.


Perilous U turn on Iran

President Obama policy towards Iran is based on political realism. Iran is a regional power and its role is quintessential for peace in west Asia. Saudi Arabia and Iran are the two poles in west Asia.

President Trumps sanctions in the light of Iran testing a missile is a perilous U turn that can destabilise the region further. The sanctions imposed are both primary and secondary. Added to this banning Iranians to enter USA and declaring Iran as a greatest state sponsor of terrorism is bringing back the policy of containment. The consequences of this are

  1. Sectarian violence can get deepened.
  2. Fighting against Islamic state can get weakened.



Retiring the WTO

  1. WTO activities appears to be losing steam after Nairobi ministerial conference failed to decide the future of Doha development agenda.
  2. The new issues relating to E commerce, investment – major concerns of developed countries are taking shape in negotiations.
  3. E commerce is projected as way to provide market access to MSMEs. In reality, Internet penetration is too slow in India for this to happen.
  4. Trade facilitation agreement intended to decrease the closets of global trade can raise the costs of infrastructure development and upgradation of customs department.


Back to Basics

Research in basic sciences is the key for future technological progress. Transformational technologies originates from science itself. If India does not increase support for basic sciences, it will soon become a user economy, service economy but not a producer economy.




Ministries and sectoral regulators to screen FDI proposals

As proposed in Budget, FIPB will be scrapped and FDI proposals coming through the approval route will be approved by ministries concerned.






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