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A sudden lightness of being

Understand these words

  1. Post ideology Mobilisation
  2. Post modern political party

Questions for understanding

  1. Can a political party exist with out an ideology?
  2. What is the new dimension of political parties Like AAP in India?
  3. Pragmatism as a guide for political parties is ending in Europe and ideology is gaining ground?How about India?
  4. Dalit Asmit Yatra is based on three factors – redistribution, recognition and voice. How these three are connected to each other in Dalit empowerment and delivering Justice?


A sudden lightness of being

New political parties like AAP in india are significantly different form existing political parties. BJP and Congress has an history and Ideology behind. It homogenises their narrative and brings in rigidity in their functioning. Over a period of time there is a steady erosion of ideology and values they believed in. It is a reason for their decline and loss of trust among people on electoral politics. It is often narrated as a democratic deficit.

On the other hand , new political parties are based on pragmatism, governance reform, fight against corruption. Lack of any adherence to ideology provides for them flexibility in Mobilisation of people irrespective of class and caste.


Another dimension of political history is rise of Dalit solidarity for Justice. Dalit Asmit Yatra in the aftermath of Unademands for redistribution, recognition and voice. They are interconnected components of Justice. Voice needs participation in politics and it facilitates material benefits of redistribution and social benefits of recognition.


Growing insecurity in Afghanistan

Taliban in Afghanistan are  gaining strength and on the other side Islamic state is getting  established. These are twin security challenges of Afghanistan. Civilian Government is filled with factionalism, corruption is unable to gear up to this challenge. Military preparedness has by and large has weakened due to decreased peace keeping forces on ground. So, Afghan Government shall seek greater commitment from west and shall show a unified action and greater will to fight common enemy –  terror.


Temptation of Spoils

Words to Understand

  1. Spoils system – it is rewarding Government posts to political loyalists.
  2. Mc carthyism - McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence. It also means "the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism."


Spoils system was in practice in USA in 19th centaurs. It refers to offering of Government posts to political loyalists. Later it gave way for a merit based civil Services and institutional mechanisms like United States civil serviced commission is established. In India protection of merit in civil services is through UPSC and SPSCs.

Appointment of political loyalists  to TNSPSC clearly shows institutions meant to protect merit are indeed occupied by political appointees. Appointment to other bodies like president, state consumer forum and chairperson of commission for protection of child rights in Tamil Nadu are an example for this.


Going Back to Home safely

India has successfully completed around 50 evacuations till date and standard operating procedures are yet to develop and process is by and large ad hoc. So, the way forward is

  1. A Blue print of all core operations need to be developed. A manual with guidelines that establish clear chain of command is essential. Military shall develop a non combatant evacuation doctrine.
  2. India shall identify regional support bases, assembly points and routes for evacuation, develop country specific warden systems to communicate with expatriates. Practice and preparedness are the key.
  3. Indian foreign service officers need to be trained to work in war zones and evacuation procedures.
  4. A permanent inter ministerial coordinating mechanism need to be institutionalised.
  5. A permanent civil reserve air fleet need to be established for ready availability of transport options.
  6. New technologies to verify ad monitor Indian citizen movement across the world need to be developed. For instance, online consular registration forms, biometric verification for Indians travelling to foreign land can help.


Transfer of Judges

Art 222(1) states that president after consultation with CJI can transfer a judge from one high court to another. SC of india has clearly stated that such a transfer shall not be seen as a punitive action or an erosion of independence of Judiciary. In Union of Inda vs Sankal chand Seth case, SP gupta case Supreme Court held that no prior consent of the Judge concerned is necessary for a transfer under art 222.





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