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Solar power breaks a price barrier

Price of photo voltaic cells is the major barrier for reaching the target of 100gw by 2022 in solar energy. It helps solar energy to penetrate middle class and metering every home for production of solar energy will bring in a revolution. Policy guarantees to roof top installations and feed in tariffs can motivate people to shift to solar energy. Germany is an example in this.


One China check forDonald Trump

One china policy is a cornerstone of USA china relations and it is chinas pre condition for any diplomatic engagement. President Trump taking a call from Taiwanese president and his assertion to use one china policy as a bargain chip with China did not go well. It delayed engagement between President Trump and premier Xi.

Finally, president trump took an U turn and agreed to respect One china policy.



In west sex offender registries are maintained to identify repeat sexual offenders. Women and child development minister Maneka Gandhi recommended for the same in India. Added to this, she recommended to include Juveniles and undertrials in the registry with a public access.


  1. Practically, keeping sexual offenders in public domain will not help the offenders to reform and it stigmatises them further and provocateur them for crime. In a study conducted by JJ Prescott and J E rockoff in 2010 clearly demonstrated futileness of registries in reducing crime.
  2. In India, as per protection of children from sexual offences act 2012 criminalises consensual sexual intercourse with minors and between minors. Entering the names of these children in to registries can stigmatise them through out their life.
  3. In India challenge is weak investigative machinery and pending cases before Judiciary. Conviction in sexual offences is less than 29%. So, strengthening criminal Justice delivery system is a way forward.


An uphill  task  for  Marine  Le  Pen

French citizens have a strong memory of political instability and radical politics. Electoral system under fifth republic is been designed to sideline the extremist parties. It will become a major hurdle for marine le pen to become a president. It is reflective  in her party’s  inability to win beyond first round till date.


Single-point military adviser soon?

India is planning to appoint a chief of defence staff as a single point intact military adviser for the Government. Added to this, it is abut to bring in Theatre commands in an incremental manner for better command between Army, navy and airforce. 


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