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The long and winding road to justice

Section 13(1)(e) states that any public servant possessing disproportionate sources of income can be considered as corrupt and Guilty. There is a presumption of guilt. It mean that prosecution need not prove that the public servant tried to enrich his/her self through corrupt proceedings. 

Normally, presumption of innocence exists under common law. It mean that a person shall be presumed innocent until it is proven otherwise in due process of law.


Early setback for Mr. Trump

National Security Adviser Michel Flynn is been asked to step down from the position by President Trump. By discussing sanctions with Russian ambassador in USAwhile president Obama in office  he has violated the Logan act, that makes illegal for private individuals to conduct foreign diplomacy.



Importance of Goods and services

In India, it is assumed that identities are central to the voting behaviour of people. There is no doubt, identity still fundamentally structures social hierarchies and inequalities in daily life. However, empirical reality in voting behaviour is far from this simplification. Today, economic delivery of benefits and public goods has become increasingly salient for voters.


The ecological balance sheet

Budget allocations for environmental protection are very law and the little finances available are also under utilised.



Composite floor test

It is a judicial innovation in India. Supreme Court in 1998 resolved the impasse by ordering a composite floor test in UP between the contestants Kalyan singh and Jagadambika pal.Supreme court had asked MLAs to vote through a ballot paper.Mandatory Floor test is also not part of constitution and in SR Bommai case Supreme Court has clearly stated that floor test is the only way to ascertain majority.


Exit  poll:  Online  editor  of  daily  held

Section  126A(1)  of  the  RP Act  prohibits  the  conduct and  publicising  of  an  exit poll  through  print  or  electronic  media  during  the period  specified  by  the  poll watchdog.  An  offence  under this  Section  is  punishable  by imprisonment  of  up  to  two years  or  with  fine  or  both.

Offences  under  Section 188 of  the  IPC  are  cognisable, which means the  police  have the  authority  to  make  an  arrest  without  either  a  warrant or  the  permission  of  a  court.


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