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The fight Pakistan must wage within

Massacre in Sehwan

Terrorism in Pakistan is seen from a geo strategic dimension and state haven t taken concrete steps to fight the same. Deep state in Pakistan has well developed connections with terror organisations.

Terror groups operating from Pakistan can be broadly divided in to two types.

A)     Groups directed against India and Afghanistan – These enjoy support of the state

B)     Groups that are motivated against various forms of Islam which they consider as impure. These groups do not differentiate between the nations and their aim is to establish caliphate. These groups are responsible for attacks against Pakistan too. Recent attacks against Sufi shrines in Pakistan including the latest attack on shrine of lal Shahbaz qalandhar falls in to this category. Islamic state is a typical example.

State in Pakistan do. It consider Jihadists as enemies as it considers Baloch political activists. Even it divides terrorists in to good and Bad. Good terrorists fall in to the first group and had terrorists are those that attack Pakistan. Pakistan Military operation Zara-e-Azb is targeted against Pakistan Taliban in Wazaristan. It did not cover the groups based in Punjab and Karachi.

ISIS making inroads in to Pakistan and forming alliances with local terror groups is a threat to sub region itself.



Working on the ISRO principle

ISRO success shows that if certain practices  of management are changed and realigned Public sector agencies can deliver results and can be successful.

  1. Autonomy
  2. Geographical location and appropriate eco system
  3. Partnership with private sector
  4. Operating only in areas where there is no alternative to Government.


Ground Zero – Understand these words

  1. Inventory and mapping of contaminated sites
  2. National clean energy fund
  3. Bio remediation


1. Governor not ‘duty-bound’by popular will, says SC

B.R.Kapur versus State of TamilNadu in 2001. : The Constitution does not give elected members of amajority party unfettered right to elect an incompetent or disqualified person as chief minister.


2. India is planning to develop a smart fence or a seamless virtual fence to fight infiltration along Pakistan border in Jammu. It is part of comprehensive integrated border management system.


3.Art 51A do not refer to National song. It refers only to National flag and National anthem.



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