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Upsetting a very fine balance

In India, citizens are sovereigns and democracy lies on their capacity to reason. Added to this, protection of right of citizens is kept in the hands of Judiciary. Judicial review is meant to maintain the supremacy of constitution and to protect fundamental rights.

Recent SC Judgments are observed theja re setting a wrong precedent and direction to lower Judiciary in India. These include

  1. Failure of Supreme Court to admit an appeal in the case of censorship of Jolly LLB2 by Bombay high court.
  2. It made standing as mandatory in cinema halls when National anthem is sung and playing national anthem is also made mandatory.
  3. SC has recommended for blocking all search related keywords for sex determination.

Public interest litigation meant to increase access Judiciary has become an instrument for Judicial activism.


Speak in our own voice

USA is repeatedly instigating India to be a part of larger coalition to fight against the rising china. It is part of its larger containment Policy. In the process, a strategic middle power coalition is been called for with Australia and Japan. Here, India shall carefully consider the following elements.

  1. India is not a treaty partner to USA like Japan or Australia
  2. A coalition with above countries can check only a maritime hegemony of china and it no way helps India to solve its land boundary dispute.

Smoke on the water

Recent fire in Bengaluru Bellandur lake from chemical sludge exposes the status of Urban wetlands in India. Wet lands are popularly considered as kidneys of urban eco system and more than 38% of them across the nation are already lost.

Pollution of heavy metals in water bodies is entering food chain. Cadmium is reported from Bellandur lake itself. So, way forward is to constitute a lake protection authority in every state and documentation of wetlands for their protection.



Nothing important



Real change around the corner


Foreign funds surge under NDA rule

As per figures available with the Home ministry,which regulates the flow of foreign funds to NGOs and associations in India, the2015-16 fiscal saw a flow of₹17,208 crore from foreign donors, the highest in five years.


In 2015, the Home Ministry notified new rules, which required NGOs to give an undertaking that the acceptance of foreign funds is not likely to prejudicially affect the “sovereignty and integrity of India or impact friendly relations with foreign states and does not disrupt communal harmony.”

Under the annual returns category ,the NGOs were asked to give an undertaking that the foreign funds were utilised in such a way that it did not affect the “security, strategic, scientific or economic interest, public interest, freedom or fairness of election to any legislature or harmony between religious,social, racial, linguistic group, caste or communities.”The Home Ministry has cancelled the registration of over 10,000 NGOs in 2015for not complying with the norms. The registration of green peaceinternational was cancelled on the premise that it compromised the country’s “economic security.”




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