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Guilty until …

Rule of law and confidence of people in Justice delivery system is crucial for a functional democracy. It need to be backed by professional investigation and through prosecution. Framing innocents in Terror cases falls flat in a court of law. It is also a gross human right violation. Arrest and false trial of Mohammad Hussain Fazli and Mohammad Rafiq Shah in delhi blast case is a reflection of this.



Business – politics nexus is an inevitable cause for corruption and they are intricately connected. Arrest of Samsung’s Lee Jae Yong and Impeachment of the president park GuenHye in South Korea is a systemic enquiry in to this nexus. Openness and accountability are the virtues for both government and corporates.


A brave new self-help world

Uncertinity is a suitable word to explain ongoing crisis. An imperfect world order is often seems better than the absence of any order. It ensures predictability and norms for our collective survival.

Unipolar world created under leadership of USA is slowly disappearing and a multipolar world has not set in. USA moving out of TPP, its indications to retreat its military engagement across the world are bound to create a power vacuum. Though, it has served US interests before, present leadership in USA sees it as a reason for its flight of wealth. Growth of an alternate power or a multi polar world  takes time and meanwhile uncertainty or anarchy will prevail. It is getting further complicated by a dangerous mix of global terrorism, Nuclear proliferation, climate change and demographic and environmental stress.


Above changes have specific implications for Asia and India. Chinese influence is bound to increase in global Affairs. If USA withdraws from military engagement than its allies like South Korea, Japan will start increasing their military build up. EU and Russia relations are bound strengthen if role of NATO decreases.


In India, diverging incomes despite equalising forces

Here divergence refers to increasing economic inequalities across the regions in india. Trade across developed and developing regions is an equalising force. In India, divergence is increasing inspite of things getting changed across the world after 2000. The major reason can be governance deficit or India’s Nature of growth - that is dependant on high skilled services sector.


Two state solution is dead

1993 Oslo accord have proposed for a two state theory as a solution for Israel Palestine crisis. It Is by and large accepted by the world nations.But, Israel is looking for a militarised Jewish state permanently occupying the Palestinian territories and even annexing parts of it, without giving full citizenship rights to the Palestinians. Increasing Israel settlements in West Bank is in alignment with this. Trump refusal to endorse two state theory has brought issue back to square one.




An Indian challenge to China in space?

India has outpaced China in commercial space launch business. Cost effectiveness is a major Indian Advantage. Added to this, India is also entering in to overseas defence market and it is clearly visible in recent aero show happened in Bengaluru. TheAstra air-to-air missile,Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher and Rustom UAVindependently developed byIndia were popular among foreign clients.


Question of the day

Economic inequalities are a greatest threat to democracy. Identify the reason for growing inequalities in India. What is the way forward to address the same.



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